Groups and Retreats at Elizabethtown / Hershey KOA Holiday

We are a regular destination for many groups and reunions. We offer a wide variety of accommodations for tents and big rig RVs to log cabins and deluxe cabins. Unfortunately, we do NOT have accommodation for large groups. We do not have a large pavilion or open area for group use. The layout of the campground also prevents us from getting larger groups together in the same area. We just want you to know this before your group makes reservations and arrives to be disappointed.

For group reservations, select a group name so we can keep everyone together. It can be a family name, a place, a combination (Smith-Parker). We require a separate reservation for each camping family. SO make sure they all know the group name and have everyone make their own reservation. ONLINE-Put the group name in the Special Request box at the end. We will always try to keep everyone as close as possible. We want to make sure everyone gets a confirmation and any emails we send with activity schedules, specials etc., so please be sure to make separate reservations, with the guest family name, address, email etc.

Due to existing reservations, site selections from group members and other factors we may not be able to get your group all together, side by side, or in the same section of the campground. Ex: There are no tent sites near big rig pull thru sites. There are no log cabins beside the deluxe cabins. You may use the KOA Select My site option.

For group accommodations, including rally information, please call 1-717-367-7718.