General Campground Information

Cancellation Policy

DEPOSITS: Payment in full required for cabins, peak weekends, special events and stays of 7 or more nights. Any reservation that include special event time periods will follow those cancellation requirements. All reservations require the person who's name it is under to be present at check in.*Pets: Sorry-Our insurance does not allow Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pitbull/Staffordshire Terriers or any mix of these breeds or aggressive dogs. No personal golf carts, atv's, etc.SPECIAL EVENT: May 25-May 28, June 29-July 8, Aug 31-Sept 3, Sept 11-16, Oct 13-14, Oct 20-21 Special Event dates require 3 night minimum (except October Weekends). Payment in Full. Cancellations require notice by 4pm, 14 days prior to arrival.Less notice than required will forfeit all deposits.ALL OTHER TIMES: RV/Tent Sites-2 night minimum. 1 night deposit except for peak weekends. Peak Weekends start June 8-Oct 8. Cancellations require notice by 4pm, 14 days prior to arrival.Cabins- 2 night minimum. Payment in Full. Cancellations after 4pm will receive a refund minus a ONE NIGHT fee for reservations of 6 or fewer nights and a TWO NIGHT fee for reservations of 7 or more nights.Cancellation Fees:RV and Tent: $20Cabins: 30 or more days notice by 4pm prior to arrival- $25-Deluxe Cabins and $20-Log Cabins.-14-29 days notice by 4pm prior to arrival- $50 Deluxe Cabins and $30 Log Cabins.NO REFUND DUE TO WEATHER,EARLY DEPARTURES,PERSONAL ISSUES,POLICY VIOLATIONS OR CONDITIONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL.RESERVATIONS WILL BE HELD UNTIL 1130AM THE DAY AFTER SCHEDULED ARRIVAL THEN CANCELLED WITHOUT REFUND. CHANGE OF DATES TO RESERVATIONS ARE ALLOWED (7 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL) ONE TIME AND ARE NON- REFUNDABLE.


We do not accept the following breeds: Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls/Staffordshire Terriers, or mixed breeds of these animals or any pet that is aggressive. Sorry, no pets are allowed at tent sites or Deluxe Cabin sites. Pets must be kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash and quiet at all times. Please do not leave your pets unattended, and always remember to clean up after them. A KampK9 is provided for your convenience. Please let your visitors know they are unable to bring their pets... There are a select number of Plus Log Cabins that will accommodate pets with a $25 per pet fee, max of 2 dogs. There are no refunds if you bring any restricted breed or aggressive animal. Unfortunately, far too many guests have brought their pets into non-pet friendly cabins. Often another camper stops by with their pet to visit at one of the non-pet friendly cabins then take their pet inside  "just to take a look", to get out of the rain, to get inside where it's cooler etc. As such, we do not allow any pet on, in, at any non-pet friendly cabin and will charge the cabin guest a $250 cleaning fee.

EV Charging

Due to the potential for damage to: your electric vehicle, our electric systems and other campers, electric vehicle charging is prohibited on site. Charging stations are available in and around Hershey, Elizabethtown College and other locations in the Elizabethtown Area.


Check in time is at 3:00 pm. Check-out time is at 11:30 am. We cannot accommodate early arrivals. The person who's name is on the reservation must provide ID and check in prior to allowing any other members of the party to the site/cabin. Must be 21 or older to reserve, register, and use a site/cabin. We do not allow arrivals after 11p- quiet hours 10p-7a.

Visitors to registered campers

We understand that you might like to invite a nearby guest or two to your campsite for a meal or a few hours to share. Regulations require us to keep track of who is in the park. Check with office for fees, restrictions and hours allowed to visit.The rules for your visitors are simple:
-All visitors must be pre-registered at the office prior to their arrival. The visitor fee is $8 per person. They will be given a parking pass and directed to the nearest visitor parking area upon their arrival. If they leave within 30 minutes of their arrival, we will refund their visitor fee. 
-Only one visitor car allowed at a time.
-We allow a total max of 6 people per site, which includes visitors. (ie. If you register 2 adults and 2 children for the site, then you are only able to have 2 visitors at a time.)
-Visitor can arrive between 9am-8pm and must depart by 10pm.
-Visitors may not bring any pets. Please inform them of this before they arrive.
-You, the camper, are responsible for the conduct of your guests. All visitors are subject to the rules of the campground. Any violation may result in the removal of the visitor(s) and the camper, without refund. We reserve the right to restrict visitors in our park at any time, and to any campsite (especially during Holiday Periods or busy weekends.) Do not plan a party at your campsite!

Golf Carts, ATV's, Other Vehicles

Sorry, no golf carts, atv's, mini-motobikes or other off road motorized vehicles. Only licensed drivers may operate motor vehicles on our roads.


Like so many businesses, we continue to have trouble staffing this year. We are all working hard to still provide you with the highest quality service we have come to be known for. We ask that everyone please be patient and understanding during your interactions with our staff. We do realize that the past several years have been stressful on all of us and we are trying to make your stay with us as stress free as possible. Yet, we still need to comply with a wide variety of regulations, insurance concerns, as well as safety and security measures. Unfortunately, store hours, access to some amenities (ie: swimming pool, snack bar ) may be reduced. Changes will be made to streamline operations based on availability of staff and other resources. We are still seeing very high prices and limited availability of certain snack bar foods, store inventory, contractors and more. We are just as unhappy as you are with what's being called "the new normal", but it is out of our control. Rest assured, we are constantly monitoring changes in the various markets that affect our operations and as things change, and hopefully improve, we will make the necessary changes to provide you with those improved services. We wish everyone a wonderful experience wherever camping takes you.

Renting an RV?

If you are renting an RV please email the campground for additional information at [email protected].

Select My Site

Choose the option to select your specific site with KOA Select My Site! This service enables you to choose your individual site or two or more sites together. When making reservations, guests can use "KOA Select My Site" online. Please note: A one-time $10.00 fee applies. All requests are subject to availability and are only guaranteed when payment for this option is added to your reservation. To ensure the best camping experience possible for you, management reserves the right to make any necessary changes. (eg. Matters beyond our control, storm damage etc.). In the event we cannot honor your request, we will contact you as soon as possible. Refunds for our inability to honor your request is limited to the Select My Site fee.


DEPOSITS: Payment in full required for cabins, peak weekends, special events and stays of 7 or more nights. Any reservation that includes any of these time periods will follow these requirements. Cabin reservations require the person who's name it is under to be present at check in.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service-I agree, and shall cause my family and guests, to abide by the Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA rules, including those rules and policies published at,, provided at the premises or otherwise communicated by management. Rates, specials, activities, amenities, terms and policies are subject to change at any time without notice. This is a quiet family-oriented campground. If you feel you cannot follow the rules, looking for a place to party /drink excessively this is not the campground for you. You may call the campground to cancel immediately. No refunds for failing to read and comply with policies set forth, during the reservation process, on your confirmation or any error/omissions on your part (site type,RV size etc.).This reservation is for a license to use a campsite, is not assignable or transferable to any other individual, such assignment or transfer will lead to the immediate revocation of your license, cancellation of your reservation, and cause the forfeit of your complete deposit. I have notified the campground this is a 3rd party rental.  (5-2-22)

Group Booking

EACH PARTY MUST MAKE THEIR OWN RESERVATION, IN THEIR OWN NAME, USING THEIR ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION. Use the online Reservation form, pick a group name for everyone to use and have them reference that group name in the Special Requests box on the reservation form (Example:Jones Family Reunion, Smith Group). All group reservations must be made within 48 hours of each other in order to best group everyone close. We will try our best to keep all parties as close to each other as possible. Please understand that depending on the selected campsites and availability, we may not have anything next to each other. We do not allow group gatherings after 11pm, please plan accordingly.

Tents on RV/CABIN Sites

Only 1 camping unit allowed per site, we do not allow tents on our RV or Cabin sites.

Quiet Time

10pm – 7am. By 10pm all outdoor music, televisions and flood lights must be off. Kids must return to their sites. Visitors must leave. Sorry, if you were expecting to party through the night, you are at the wrong campground! Tents must be up before 11pm. We do not allow any group gatherings after 11pm, please plan accordingly. Please respect your neighbors by keeping conversations, television, music volume, etc., to a minimum at all hours.

Additional Campsite/Cabin Information

Each campsite/cabin fee is based on 2 adults and 2 children (ages 5-17) and are for one family/one vehicle/one camping unit. Additional charges for: extra vehicles/ trailers, additional adults and children. Please contact the office for more information. Cabin reservations require the credit card used for the deposit to be present along with the person who's name it is under at check in. No reverse parking in RV campsites. Gazebos/dining tents without floors are allowed as long as they do not interfere with your neighboring sites. Sorry, no personal hot tubs or pools permitted.

Am I allowed to fly a Drone in the campground?

To ensure the safety, privacy and enjoyment of our guests, the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), is prohibited.

Swimming Pool

The pool opens at 10:00 am. The pool closes 15 minutes prior to store closing. Pennsylvania state guidelines require children 16 and under to be supervised by an adult at the pool. No lifeguard on duty. Pool operates Memorial Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend.

Photo Policy

Entrance onto the campground property constitutes permission for the management of Elizabethtown / Hershey KOA to photograph the visitor while on the premises and to use any resulting pictures for any lawful purpose without compensation to the visitor.

Can I bring firearms?

No firearms, BB guns, sling shots, bows / arrows, paint ball weapons, pellet or other projectile firing weapons are permitted.


We welcome you to our campground and wish for you to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay. To ensure that you do, please remember you are a guest on this property, sharing the surroundings with other campers just like you, please respect that. This campground is privately owned and operated. Our policies are in place to ensure EVERYONE'S safety and comfort. A complete list of camping rules will be given to you at check-in for your camping party to read and follow. Please call us (717-367-7718) if you have a specific question or need regarding a concern about rules. We look forward to your stay at our campsite. Book today!