Multi-Reservation System Makes Online Booking Easier

Multi-Reservation System Makes Online Booking Easier

(January 4, 2022) With the snow now blanketing much of the mid-west, it’s only natural for people to begin to eagerly look toward warmer weather when they can join the estimated 86.1 million Americans who plan at least one camping trip annually.  As a local, family-owned, nationally-recognized, award-winning campground, the Coloma/St. Joseph KOA Holiday is once again demonstrating how they are no strangers to innovation as they share yet another way in which they have embraced technology.

Mark & Karla Lemoine, Owners of Fifth Level Hospitality, Inc., which owns and operates the campground were excited to make this announcement. “As we continue to demonstrate a continual move towards innovating and improving our guest’s experience, with the persistent goal of making it easier for campers to spend more time outdoors, we are very excited to announce another step closer to that goal with the new multi-reservation shopping cart,” Mark stated.

Although guests have been able to make their KOA reservations online for years, the multi-reservation shopping cart now opens up the possibility for more nights in less clicks and makes it easy for campers to book by saving time and effort. Following a tried-and-true e-commerce model, campers can now book an entire season’s worth of camping or a grouping of sites in one reservation flow. It allows them to better plan their vacations, look and book further ahead, more easily share camping with friends and family, and eases the booking and payment process.

Karla chuckled while adding, “Unlike the State Park system, no longer do families or groups need to get all their multiple members to book single sites separately six months to the day when reservations open up as if they are in some kind of ‘Black Friday Sale’ competition – trust me, I’ve been there and it’s no fun!”

National data confirms that camping has skyrocketed over the past two years, largely due to the fact that consumers have rediscovered that it can be done closer to home, it is more economical than other recreational options, and it is easier to social distance.   As a result, millions more Americans are now making reservations for a limited number of campsites across the country.

The Lemoines are confident the multi-reservation feature on their website will now lesson the pain and make their guests “Happy Campers” right from the start. 

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