How to Cool Off in the Summer in Cherokee, NC

How to Cool Off in the Summer in Cherokee, NC

How to Cool Off in the Summer in Cherokee, NC

North Carolina summers are hot, but you do not have to be. Keep cool while camping at Cherokee/Great Smokies KOA Holiday by following some of our tips and tricks for cooling off in the summer.

7 Ways to Keep Cool

Heat can seep in during the day whether you are camping in an RV, tent or cabin. If you plan to spend your days on the campground or visiting local attractions, there are many ways you can stay cool. Here are five tips for staying cool during the summer in Cherokee:

1. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking lots of water is critical to staying cool, hydrated and healthy during a camping trip. You will feel refreshed after each cup of water, even if you do not move much. Try to drink 2-4 liters of water every day to avoid overheating and becoming dehydrated. 

In addition to drinking plenty of water, you can drink other beverages like tea and juice to help you get enough fluids throughout the day.

2. Set up Fans

Small portable fans can help you and your family stay cool all day and night. Whether you bring electric- or battery-powered fans, set them up in your lodging, tent or RV to create a breeze. The fans can also help take out warm air.

3. Spend the Day at Lake Lure Beach

Lake Lure Beach is the perfect getaway to stay cool. You can relax under the sun, have a picnic and float or swim in the water. The beach also has a waterpark that kids will love to splash around in. If you want to experience a thrill, go down the waterslide to land in the lake.

4. Visit Oconaluftee Islands Park

If you want to spend a day or two off the campground and still stay cool, consider visiting the Oconaluftee Islands Park. The park is a favorite destination for Cherokee locals. It runs along the Oconaluftee River and is ideal for wading, swimming, tubing, skipping stones and more.

5. Splash in the Downtown Fountains

Another local-favorite water destination is the fountains at Saunooke Village. Enjoy splashing in the fountains with your friends and family. The village also has shops and places to get ice cream or coffee.

6. Go Tubing Along the Oconaluftee River 

Get the perfect tube from Cherokee Rapids to float down the Oconaluftee River. They are the area's biggest tubing outfitter, and they will drive you to the start of the route. From there, you can take your time floating down the river. While tubing, feel free to spend time swimming in the swimming holes or using the rope swings along the way.

7. Explore Dollywood's Splash Country

Take a trip to Tennessee to spend a day splashing around Dollywood's Splash Country. The waterpark has everything you need to stay cool. Relax in the lazy river or remain active by going down each slide. Kids can also enjoy exploring the Bear Mountain Fire Tower®, a multi-level interactive attraction with slides, water cannons and more.

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Stay cool during the summer while camping in Cherokee. You and your family will have fun at Cherokee/Great Smokies KOA Holiday. Start planning your vacation by reserving a campsite with us today!

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