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9 Ways to Make Your Camping More Eco-Friendly

Make your camping more eco friendly with these tips. The concept of “leave no trace” is becoming increasingly popular and important in today's world.There are over 100 million visitors embarking on over 10 billion trips into the outdoors in the United States alone every year. We are beyond thrilled there are so many people adventuring in the outdoors. However, numbers like this really make you think about the toll all these visitors are having on the environment.The great outdoors suffer from visitors at this volume that bring with them litter, trail erosion, invasive species, and more. Are you doing your part to keep nature in its beautiful, original state and possibly leaving it better than when you found it? It does not take much effort to respect Mother Nature and keep her looking and feeling fabulous.So, keep reading on how you can do your part to make your camping more eco-friendly. This way, you ensure you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.