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The Best Summer Water Activities Near San Diego


San Diego boasts 17 miles of gorgeous coastline with 11 beaches, giving you plenty of opportunities to spend time near the water. Get the most out of your time on the shoreline with this list of the best San Diego water activities.1. SurfingIf you want watersports in San Diego, try surfing. The...

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6 Must-Visit National Parks Near San Diego


After basking in the sun on the beach and exploring the many restaurants, lounges and shops in downtown San Diego, you may find yourself looking for a different kind of attraction. Luckily, there are many California national parks near San Diego. You can reach most of these parks in seven hours or...

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Must-Visit Christmas Light Shows in San Diego


The Ultimate Places to See Holiday Lights in San DiegoThe Christmas light shows in San Diego are spectacular. The region is transformed into a winter wonderland of twinkling lights, festive colors, holiday decor and stunning displays every year. Explore the magical sites from Chula Vista to La Jolla...

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Top Activities to Make the Most of Fall in Julian, CA


As the weather cools, you may find yourself looking for the perfect fall activities. Luckily, the town of Julian, California, has multiple apple orchards, pie shops and many other seasonal attractions, making it a peaceful getaway to celebrate the autumn season.Fall Activities in Julian,...

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Planning a Day Trip to San Diego


Vacationing on the West Coast offers infinite unique experiences, whether you prefer hiking outdoors or exploring new cities. San Diego is one of the West Coast's can't-miss destinations, and while you could easily spend more time, there's a lot you can do with a day trip to San Diego.  The Best...

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5 Ultimate Mountain Bike Trails in San Diego


If you a looking for a fun activity that invests in your personal health and wellness, then you've reached the right place. Going biking in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to invest in your health. The San Diego hills beckon you with a nearly endless amount of options. The area is rife with...

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7 Southern California Adventures for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Southern California is an excellent place for a getaway if your health and wellness are essential to you. The outdoor fun offers the perfect opportunity to relax and be active. Strap in for these ultimate outdoor adventures when visiting the San Diego region.1. Kayak at La Jolla Sea CavesOne of the...

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9 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in San Diego With Kids


What are the Best Things to Do with Kids in San Diego?There are many fun things to do in San Diego with kids, from playing on beaches to exploring amusement parks. Make the most of family fun with attractions that offer a taste of the city and the surrounding nature.1. Visit the San Diego ZooThe zoo...

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The Ultimate San Diego Itinerary for 5 Days


San Diego is a popular destination with a super climate, pristine beaches and world-class family attractions. Planning a day trip to San Diego is a great way to experience the city. However, to truly experience all that this amazing city has to offer, we recommend spending at least 5 days in San...

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2023 President's Award & 2023 Founder's Award Recipient


Boulevard / Cleveland National Forest KOA Holiday Recognized with Major Awards For Outstanding Quality and Customer Service During Annual Convention KOA NEWS SERVICE (Nov. 16, 2022) – Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), the world’s largest family of family-friendly, open-to-the-public campgrounds,...

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Explore The Best Winter Hiking Spots in California


Although many people make it a destination for summer trips, California is a great destination for winter trips too! Believe it or not, one of the best activities to do during the colder months in California is hiking. California offers some of the best winter hikes you'll find anywhere. The...

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Head to Boulevard KOA, where the weather for July mills around the high 80s, usually with a breeze. Bring your bathing suits and bicycles and hit the park. It's easy to get plenty of beautiful sunshine when it's this comfortable in July. Nights are cool, so pack blankets if you are tent camping. 

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1st Annual Father's Day Weekend BBQ Potluck JUNE 18th, 2022


Join us June 18th at The Clubhouse for our 1st Father's Day Weekend BBQ Potluck!Everyone bring your favorite dish to the clubhouse to celebrate Father's Day the way Dad's LOVE!BBQing is his thing. Dads will be bringing their BBQ's to the clubhouse to show off for us.Bring the kids and your appetites...

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June is for the great outdoors at KOA


Spend June at Boulevard KOAJune is for the great outdoors at KOABeat the heat of the valley or escape the June-gloom of the coast. Either way you have it, here at Boulevard KOA the sun is shining with temperatures between 75-95 for all of June. The pool is sparkling and ready for a splash down...

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Easter is hopping this year at Boulevard KOA. 



It's a BEAUTIFUL day at Boulevard KOA!!!




We LOVE animals here at Boulevard KOA. Every day we get to experience something new with these guys!

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Boulevard is a small town in East County San Diego, California. It’s remote, sparsely populated, and not really on the way to anywhere. The few people that are familiar with Boulevard know it from the bumper sticker: “Where the hell is Boulevard?” As you might expect, it’s the perfect place for...

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