Why State College PA, Is a Great Biking Vacation Destination

Why State College PA, Is a Great Biking Vacation Destination

If you love biking through mountainous trails or leisurely pedaling on roads past scenic views, then State College, PA, is a great biking vacation destination. The region offers avid bikers the best of rocky climbs, technical tracks, moderate backcountry meanders and in-town cycle routes. 

Road and Off-Road Biking at State College

Various road tracks and mountain biking trails await you to explore.

1. Bellefonte Central Rail Trail

Located near State College, the Bellefonte Trail is a popular and moderate four-mile trail that loops past lush greenery and forests.

2. Rothrock State Forest Trail

Rothrock State Forest has many premier mountain biking trails, comprising 290 miles of trails and forest roads open to the public. The courses range from highly technical to moderate and easy.

3. Spring Creek Canyon Trail

Explore this easy out-and-back biking track near Bellefonte, PA. This well-known gravel trail takes under two hours to complete and is enjoyed most for its spectacular scenery. 

4. Circleville to Penn State Bike Path 

This paved biking trail, also known as Tudek/Circleville Bikeway, is 4.7 miles long. The track stretches between the State Game Lands of Sleepy Hollow and Blue Course Drive in Ferguson Township. Bask in the views at Tudek Park and several known points along this widely acclaimed trail.

What You Need to Know When Biking in Central Pennsylvania

Adhering to road regulations and safety protocols ensures you only have the best experience when biking in the area. A few things you need to know when cycling in the state include:

  • Pennsylvania Vehicle Code: All bicycles are considered vehicles and cyclists should adhere to all traffic laws and signs and ride with traffic flow.
  • Mountain biking grading: The mountain bike trails near Bellefonte have different gradings and technicalities. It is essential to familiarize yourself with this before selecting a track.
  • Gear and clothing: Always wear a securely fitted helmet, bright colors and reflective clothing when cycling. Examine your bike’s tires, brakes and chains and frame.
  • Be attentive: Look out for potential hazards like potholes, glass, puddles, cars and animals. 

Stay at Bellefonte / State College KOA Holiday During Your Biking Adventure

When you go on your next biking adventure, a stay at Bellefonte / State College KOA Holiday is ideal for serving as a base to explore and its exclusive on-site bike trail. Each track at the Bike Park has a different difficulty level with various obstacles and features to enjoy. Pack your helmet and mountain bike and stay at our unique campground.

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