Best Places to Trout Fish in Central Pennsylvania

Best Places to Trout Fish in Central Pennsylvania

Best Places to Trout Fish in Central Pennsylvania

Whether you prefer fly fishing or spin fishing, Central Pennsylvania has many areas you can visit to try your hand at big catches. You can find trout in various streams, creeks, lakes and rivers. With your Pennsylvania fishing license, you can go almost anywhere. 

Here is a guide to trout fishing near Bellefonte and State College, Pennsylvania.

Trout Fishing in Central Pennsylvania

Before you can go trout fishing in Pennsylvania, you must first have a regular fishing license and a trout permit if you are over 16 years of age. Additionally, some areas have specific regulations regarding the trout you can catch. For instance, some streams may only allow catch-and-release, while others let you take the fish you acquire home.

The differences also extend to the type of trout in each water. Many places, like Penns Creek, have brown and rainbow trout. Some are wild, while others are stocked from the state's fish hatchery. Catching a wild trout can be more of a challenge since they tend to be skittish.

Complete additional research about trout fishing in Central Pennsylvania to ensure you follow the correct rules and stay safe while fishing.

Popular Fishing Spots Near Bellefonte, PA

Pennsylvania is one of the top states for trout fishing. The abundance of trout in various areas throughout the state makes it ideal for anglers. Some of the top trout fishing places in Central Pennsylvania include:

Penns Creek

When you want one of the best trout streams in Central Pennsylvania, consider Penns Creek. The stream is the largest and longest limestone stream in the state, offering plenty of spots for fishing. While fishing at Penns Creek, you can appreciate the many bug hatches you can use to supply your bait. The stream is well known for hatching Green Drakes, so ensure you arrive during their peak hatching time to catch them.

Penns Creek is also a trophy trout fishing spot.

Spring Creek

Another great spot for trout fishing is Spring Creek. The area also has excellent insect hatches and plenty of fish. You could try catching many of the 16 to 20-inch trout living in the water.

This area is great for beginner fly fishers and experienced anglers trying to practice their skills. Spring Creek is a catch-and-release all tackle area. 

Little Juniata River

Little Juniata River is an excellent fly fishing destination for anglers. The large limestone river has moderately fast water, riffles and pools, making it an ideal place for trout to grow.

Bellefonte / State College KOA Holiday

If you want a comfortable place to fish, consider staying at Bellefonte / State College KOA Holiday. The stocked fishing pond has a wide collection of fish you can catch and release. You do not need a fishing license to fish at the campground.

Book Your Stay

Cast your rod in the best rivers and creeks Central Pennsylvania has to offer for trout fishing. After long days of fishing, come back to Bellefonte / State College KOA Holiday for nights of relaxation. Plan your next fishing vacation to include staying with us. Reserve your campsite today!

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