A Guide to ATV Riding in Central Pennsylvania

A Guide to ATV Riding in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania has a distinct landscape that features mountainous regions, long ridges and valleys. The region's abundant natural scenery offers amazing trails perfect for ATV riding enthusiasts.

Popular Pennsylvania ATV Trails Near Bellefonte

There are 908 miles of ATV trails that cover the state's forests and mountain ranges. ATV season starts when the designated trails are open, from the Friday before Memorial Day to the last full weekend of September. Some trails reopen in winter, starting from the day after deer season ends until April 1. 

There are opportunities for endless outdoor activities in Central Pennsylvania. With various parks and mountains, you can enjoy short to whole-day ATV trails. Here are a few trails you can ride near Bellefonte:

  • Snow Shoe Rails to Trails: The trail is coordinated by the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Association (SSRTA) and primarily catered to ATV riding and off-road motorcycling. The trail begins at the Beech Creek Railroad and features the 1,227-foot Peale, which offers a captivating mountain view.
  • Whiskey Springs ATV Trail: This trail offers a thrilling riding experience with gravel and old logging roads. Past mine activities have left old mine strip areas. There are also several observation points throughout the trail where you can view the scenery.  
  • Bloody Skillet: The trails include old coal mining roads covered by greenery, as well as bridge and shallow creek crossings. You can also spot wildlife during your ride. 
  • Haneyville ATV Trail: The marked trails feature beautiful forests and old logging roads. You can enjoy 17-mile trails in summer and winter.   

Pennsylvania's ATV Safety Rules

Before you go on an ATV riding adventure, you need to take safety into account. Here are a few safety practices to adhere to: 

  • Protective gear: Wear a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, clothing that covers your arms and legs, gloves and proper footwear. 
  • Age requirements: Young riders must be older than 8 years to ride. Riders between the ages of 8 and 15 should undergo safety training, receive an ATV training certificate and ride with adult supervision. 
  • Riding restrictions: Only ride in areas designated for ATV riding and avoid paved roads unless it is permitted by the law for you to cross.  

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