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Our pool and playground are open! Currently due to COVID19 restrictions and limits our pavilion and lounge area closed . Guests from Maine, NH , VT, CT, NY, and NJ are all welcome with no restrictions. All other states are required to quarantine for 14 days or the length of their stay or come with a negative COVID test that was taken 72 hours prior to your arrival. For further questions please call us at 207-582-5086, we are happy to help and would love to see you this summer!During quarantine, visitors may go outside for recreation in uncrowded areas provided they abide by physical distancing guidelines and avoid contact with other people.For example, if you can do the following a safe distance away from other people, you may:

  • go for walks and hikes in uncrowded areas
  • canoe and kayak
  • bike on uncrowded trails
  • swim in lakes, ponds and rivers
  • take a scenic drive
  • relax and take in the views
  • get takeout and delivered meals

Other Safe Travel RequirementsEven if you have received a negative test result, please bring a face covering for venturing out to public places such as restaurants, retail shops, and other public places where you may not be able to maintain 6-feet physical distancing.Avoid unnecessary contact with people outside of your travel party.If you are feeling sick or experiencing any symptoms, contact a healthcare professional immediately.FAQs Regarding Quarantine/TestingWhy does Maine have these guidelines?
  • COVID-19 poses a fundamental challenge as the state seeks to protect the health and safety of Mainers and our guests in the face of a potential influx of millions of visitors.
  • Maine is committed to providing their visitors with the most risk-free vacation that is possible during a pandemic.
  • We want visitors and residents to be able to enjoy all Maine has to offer this summer in a safe and healthy way.
  • Maine's goal is to provide one of the safest places for people to travel this summer.Testing ProtocolsCOVID-19 testing applies only to the adults in the travel party. Children 18 and under are not required to be tested.We urge visitors to "Know Before You Go." Get a COVID-19 test and receive results in your home state before traveling. If you cannot, or choose not to get tested in your own state, you can get tested once you arrive. However, you must quarantine in Maine until you receive your test results. So, check with a Maine testing provider in advance of your visit for availability of tests and turn-around time for results. Testing options nationwide can be found at Get Tested COVID-19.If you are tested in your home state within 72 hours of your arrival and have not received a result before your departure from home, you may come to Maine and quarantine until your result is received.

For other COVID-related questions, email us: or go to