Boat Rentals in Angola, IN

Boat Rentals in Angola, IN

Angola, Indiana, is beautiful and full of fun activities. One of the best places to spend your time here is on the water, and there are plenty of exciting ways to do this. In Angola, you can cast a line and fish for your best catch, embark on an adventure in a kayak or lounge with friends on a relaxing pontoon boat. 

No matter how you choose to experience Angola's lakes, you are sure to have an incredible time. Make the most of your time in the area with this list of boat rentals in Angola, Indiana. 

Benefits of Renting a Boat

Renting a boat is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a camping trip. Whether you enjoy floating peacefully with a fishing pole in your hand or exploring the water on your own adventure, boat rentals can help you create incredible camping memories with friends and family. When you rent a boat, you can do the following:

Enjoy the Water Without Owning a Boat

Everyone should be able to enjoy the water, even if they don't own a boat. Renting a boat allows you to explore the water without purchasing one, which helps you save money and storage space. Whether you want to paddle down a river or fish on the lake, renting a boat is an excellent way to enjoy a vacation or a sunny day. 

Explore More of the Outdoors

Renting a boat lets you experience more of nature. With a canoe or kayak, you can paddle around a lake or down a river to see more views, hear more sounds and spot more wildlife. When you rent a fishing boat, you can travel from the shoreline to see and catch more fish. Exploring the water can enhance your experience in the outdoors.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Spending time outdoors can benefit mental health and reduce stress. Spending time on the water is a peaceful, fun and sometimes exciting way to spend your time in nature. There's something about floating on the lake that brings a sense of serenity, and paddling your way through the water is a fantastic way to exercise.

Types of Boat Rentals

There are many ways you can spend time on the water. You can float on the lake to enjoy a serene morning, venture to the perfect fishing spot, enjoy a fun-filled adventure or lounge with friends and family. The following types of boats allow you to enjoy these different activities:


A canoe is a small, narrow and open-deck boat with pointed ends. You can either kneel in a canoe or sit on its benches as you use a single-bladed paddle to propel and steer your way through the water. In a canoe, you can explore the water on your own or with a friend. 


A kayak has a similar shape to a canoe, but it is closed-deck. You sit in a hole in the middle of the boat or in a molded-in depression on top of the boat and lean against a supportive backrest. A kayak allows you to sit lower and closer to the water while paddling with a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks are perfect for relaxing, exploring and sometimes fishing.

Paddle Board

A paddle board is a flat board used for stand-up paddle boarding. You can stand, kneel or sit on a paddle board while paddling through the water. Stand-up paddle boarding requires some balance, so it's a fun and exciting way to work on your balancing skills while exploring calm waters. Once you master balancing on a paddle board, you can also use it for activities such as yoga and fishing. 

Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are motorized, so you can move through the water faster to find the perfect fishing spot. Rent a fishing boat to enjoy some peaceful time on the lake or fish with friends or family. Fishing is a fun way to bond and create memories, and fishing on a boat lets you access fishing spots you can't reach from the shore. 

Whether you fish for part of a day or plan an overnight fishing trip, renting a boat is a fantastic way to reach the perfect fishing spots. 

Pontoon Boat

A pontoon boat is a flat, rectangular boat that sits on top of two or three metal tubes. Pontoon boats often include fun features such as comfortable seating and lounge areas, so they are perfect for spending time with friends and family. 

When you rent a pontoon boat, you can pack some drinks, snacks and a radio to enjoy a fun day on the lake with your loved ones, or you can use it to enjoy other activities such as fishing or swimming. Pontoon boats accommodate a wide variety of activities on the water. 

Boat Rentals in Angola, Indiana

If you are looking for boat rentals in Angola, Indiana, you will find that the area features a wide variety of boating options. Whether you want to explore in a kayak, fish from a motorized boat or enjoy a fun day on a pontoon, Angola offers plenty of fun ways to enjoy the water. 

Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday

Kampgrounds of America offers different types of recreational activities at each location. At Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday, you can explore Hogback Lake on a variety of fun boats. Camp at this fantastic location to rent boats such as kayaks, canoes and pontoons. Explore the lake in a kayak or grab a group of friends for a fun day on a pontoon boat. KOA offers convenient boat rentals so you can enjoy all the fun that the lake has to offer. 

Anchors Aweigh Pontoon Rentals

If you are looking for boat rentals in the Lake James and Angola areas of Indiana, Anchors Aweigh Pontoon Rentals rents pontoon boats daily and weekly. They will deliver the boat to any lake you choose as long as it's within the nearby area. Simply choose your location, date and time to rent a pontoon boat from Anchors Aweigh. 

Corner Landing Bait & Tackle

Corner Landing Bait & Tackle rents fishing boats, pontoon boats and kayaks. You can rent a large boat for half of a day, a full day or for a full week, and you can rent a kayak by the hour, day or week. When you rent a boat at Corner Landing, you can also browse the store for bait, tackle, clothing and souvenirs. 

Camp and Boat at Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday

When you camp at Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday, you can explore and relax on the water in a variety of fun boats. Embark on a kayaking adventure, take your little ones fishing or relax and enjoy time with friends. No matter how you choose to enjoy the water, camping at KOA makes it easy and convenient to rent a boat. 

KOA also offers amenities and recreational activities to make your stay as comfortable and fun as possible. Book a stay at KOA to enjoy your days on the water and your nights around a cozy campfire. 

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