Wildlife Guide in Williams, AZ

Wildlife Guide in Williams, AZ

Wildlife surrounds you every day, from the birds that chirp and sing to the squirrels that scavenge for food. When visiting Williams, Arizona, the animals become more diverse. Have fun pointing out all the different animals with your family as you drive around the area, hike in parks or visit the zoo.

What Animals Live in Williams, AZ?

The wildlife in Williams is abundant. You will have many opportunities to see various animals during your trip, whether hiking through Kaibab National Forest or driving to your next destination.


Williams has many native mammals, including:

  • Mule deer: See mule deer while near the desert or mountain forests. Their big, mule-like ears help you distinguish them from other deer in the area, like the white-tailed deer.
  • Pronghorn antelope: You could also see the pronghorn antelope. Pronghorn antelope are reddish-brown with a white belly and a couple of wide, white stripes across their necks. The animals are called antelope but are more closely related to okapi and giraffes.
  • Black bears: You could also see black bears while in Williams. Ensure you stay safe while viewing black bears by visiting Bearizona, a wildlife park that helps people safely see animals in their natural environment.


You can also find many bird species, making Williams a fantastic area for avid bird watchers or those starting to get into bird watching. Some birds you could see include:

  • Steller's jays: Visiting or living in Williams, you could see the beautiful Steller's jay, a half-charcoal black and half-blue bird. Look for the birds while in the Kaibab National Forest.
  • Woodpeckers: You could also see various woodpeckers while in the area. There are 12 woodpecker species in Arizona, such as the Gila, northern flicker, downy and Arizona woodpecker.
  • Nuthatches: Keep an eye out for small nuthatch birds. They have a blue-gray back and either a white or red belly. Nuthatches are interesting because they can walk head-first down trees and branches.

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