Your Guide to What to Eat in Cleveland

Your Guide to What to Eat in Cleveland

Your Guide to What to Eat in Cleveland

If you plan to travel to Cleveland or the nearby areas of northeast Ohio, you will love the variety of food available. The city has gained renown for its world-class restaurants and delightful local eats in every neighborhood. Plus, thanks to the area's robust Eastern European heritage and diverse population, you'll find plenty of international flavor.

Best Restaurants in Northeast Ohio

If you plan to dine out during your time in Cleveland, you'll find many mouthwatering favorites. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Cleveland that you should check out:

If you're staying outside Cleveland or want to explore the countryside, here are a few favorites in the surrounding area:

  • Rennick Meat Market: Ashtabula, Ohio, hosts this butcher-inspired restaurant offering classic American foods like steak, burgers and sandwiches.
  • GOTL Brewing: In Ohio's wine country, you can find many breweries and wineries boasting delicious cuisine. This brewery features fish, steaks and unique appetizers. 
  • Lavender Jones: This gluten-free bakery in Madison, Ohio, offers a sweet treat for everyone. Pick up their signature French macarons or another fresh-baked dessert and enjoy it alongside a selection of local teas and coffees.
  • White Turkey Drive-In: Step back in time with a visit to this authentic 1950s-style diner in Conneaut serving classic sandwiches, root beer floats and hand-spun milkshakes.

Other Food Attractions

Cleveland has more than just restaurants to delight food lovers who visit the area. If you prefer to enjoy food on the go as you explore local sights, the city offers numerous options for picking up a few favorites to bring home. To grab some Cleveland food while you explore, try a local market or one of the city's many food trucks.

West Side Market

This location houses the oldest publicly owned market in Cleveland, with a history dating back to the nineteenth century. Since its origin, this local treasure has grown and seen many building improvements. Now, the market hosts over 100 vendors offering diverse ethnic food, drinks and other products. Whether you need a place to spend the day or some delicious food to take home, this market has everything you could want.

The West Side Market features fine meats and fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, baked goods, dairy products and flowers. You'll even find ready-to-eat foods so you can enjoy a quick bite as you stroll through the market and explore the city.

Cleveland Food Trucks

When deciding what to eat in Cleveland, be sure to consider the city's many delicious food trucks. Local organizers frequently host food truck events where many mobile restaurants gather in local parks to sell delicious products. During times without special events, these trucks roam the city, so you can always find a tasty bite to eat on your Cleveland adventure.

With dozens of local trucks to choose from, you will find a food option to suit any palate. Some of these businesses on wheels include vegan and vegetarian options, Asian, Mexican, American and European food. If you want dessert, many local food trucks serve delights like cupcakes and shaved ice. 

Popular Cleveland Food

If you want to eat like a local and try some traditional northeast Ohio dishes, here are a few to look for at local restaurants or try making yourself:

  • Polish boy: Many cities have a classic sandwich, and Cleveland's Polish boy is a messy but delectable example. Start with a bun, then top it with kielbasa, french fries, barbeque sauce and coleslaw to create this flavorful sandwich. 
  • Pierogi: Another dish with Eastern European origins, pierogi consists of boiled or sautéed dumplings. You can find this treat in savory and sweet varieties.
  • Corned beef sandwiches: While you can buy this sandwich meat almost everywhere, come to Cleveland for the best sandwich you have ever had.
  • Sfogliatelle: Food joints in Cleveland's Little Italy often sell this sweet treat, also called lobster tail due to its shape. The pastry has thin, flaky layers and a cream filling. 
  • Cider: Ohio has many orchards and vineyards. Orchard owners often use Ohio apples to create hard cider. If you travel through the local countryside, you can find many award-winning breweries.
  • Perch: With a border on Lake Erie, northeast Ohio offers many delicious fish selections, but yellow perch is perhaps the most popular. You can find this fish at local restaurants all year, especially during Lent.

Try Cleveland's Delicious Cuisine

If your mouth is watering after learning the many delicious restaurants and foods northeast Ohio offers, satisfy your cravings by taking a trip to the area. The Thompson / Grand River KOA Holiday provides a convenient location for travelers to Cleveland and the surrounding Ohio wine country. Browse our available lodging and camping options and book your stay today!

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