Important to read BEFORE booking with us

This information is also listed under general information. It is important to read and review these items before booking a site with us. If you need any assistance, please call the office.

1. Do not follow your GPS. Follow our directions as given on this site and our social media pages. 

2. We are 8 miles from a town or interstate.

3 We do not own KOA Road. We understand they need to be fixed and are still trying to get Cottonhill Township to fix them. However, if you go slow, you will have no issues. It is not a heavy traffic area and locals will move over to allow you to pass safely.

4. In order to use our provided cable, you must hook in, turn the booster off, turn the TV from air to cable, and run the auto program.

5. Wi-Fi is not for TV or gaming. If you connect to Hulu, Skype, or Netflix, it will kick you off the system. Please use our provided cable. It tends to run slower on weekends when there are a lot of devices connected to it. Due to our location, we have a provider that has agreed to service our area. 

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