Texas Scenic Motorcycle Routes

Texas Scenic Motorcycle Routes

The vast expanse of Texas offers motorcyclists more than a quarter-million square miles to explore. If you have been itching to take a motorcycle trip, the Lone Star State might be the right choice.

Never traversed the various terrains of Texas on your bike before? Below are some motorcycle trips in Texas that have been road-tested and recreational biker-approved. Best of all, they include South Padre Island — one of the gems of Texas that is worth an overnight stay.

San Antonio to South Padre Island: An Overnight or Short Weekend Must-Do

You will start up your engine in San Antonio and head southeast to South Padre Island along this route that allows you to meander just shy of the Texas coastline. Though I-37 and I-77 offer a direct link, you may want to get off the beaten path. 

Try US-281 to get a better taste of the country as you buzz through George West and Alice. This highway can take you all the way down to I-2 so that you can start heading east to South Padre Island to relax for the night or the weekend. 

If you go the way the crow flies, you will spend about four to five hours getting from San Antonio to South Padre Island. We recommend giving yourself much longer, though, so you can take in all the scenery of this unique part of Texas with its rich heritage and vibrant culture.

Laredo to South Padre Island: Follow the Curve

Looking for even more chances to indulge in the sights of the very southeast corner of Texas? The motorcycle roads in Texas from Laredo to South Padre Island will satisfy your wanderlust.

Be sure to drive around Laredo and stop by sights like the San Agustín Plaza or buy something from a vendor on San Bernardo Avenue. Once you have had your sightseeing fill, head your motorcycle south and continue along the Texas-Mexico border toward the cities of Roma and Harlingen by following the Rio Grande along US-83 to eventually pick up I-2. 

From Harlingen, it is a straight drive to South Padre Island where you can stay for a night or several days before continuing your motorcycle trip toward home.

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Galveston to South Padre Island: A Coast Trip to Remember

Want to plan a Texas Gulf Coast motorcycle ride? Take the Galveston to South Padre Island challenge. It is miles and miles of zipping south along the Gulf. 

For a truly rural road, you cannot do better than US-35. If your need is for a little more speed on a more bustling highway, choose I-59 and I-77. You might even want to make a side trip from Galveston to Houston to end your first road day in a major city. From there, though, you will want to hit other towns like Victoria with its Indionala Ghost Town and Corpus Christi's USS Lexington Museum. 

Spend the middle of your week off relaxing at South Padre Island KOA Holiday. Enjoy a Deluxe Cabin, Vacation Rental or even a Tent Site. Then, head back north to revisit the trail. 

Ready for a thrill of a lifetime? Book your stay now and enjoy the best motorcycle rides in Texas! 

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