General Campground Information


We will happily get you checked-in during office hours.  If you happen to arrive later than we are open (times vary on season), please see our night registration area at the front of our office in which you will find a packet with your name and site number on it! No reservation? No problem! Please fill out a night registration slip and put it in the box and find an empty site on the list in the night registration area! Please Note: we are often full during the summer, so we encourage reservations to ensure a spot. Please check the list in night registration before proceeding to any spot if you do not have a reservation after hours.
We cannot accommodate early check-ins before 11am; any early check-ins (between 11-1) must be pre-arranged, and will incur a $10 fee

Guest Policy

We know camping is about visiting family and seeing friends from all over the country.
We currently do not have a guest fee, but please limit guests to site maximums, which is 8 people total. Guests must leave the park before 10 pm and large gatherings at your site are not allowed.
If you want to have a get together that is larger in nature, please note we have a pavilion that can be rented for $100 that will include seating, tables and a grill. It can accommodate about 30-40 people. 
If you have a large group of campers (4 sites or more) that are staying, the pavilion is offered free of charge with your site rental but needs to be reserved before arrival. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office!

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time for all RV and Tent sites is 1:00 PM. Early Check-Ins will be $10.00, unless arranged beforehand. Cabin check-in is 3:00 PM. Check-out time for ALL sites and cabins is 11:00 a.m. We understand things happen and you might not be able to get out of your site before 11:00, late check-outs are $10.00 (11am-1pm) and can be arranged in the office on or before 10:30 am. Any checkouts past 1 pm will be charged a full night.

Will My RV Fit? Will I Have to UnHook?

When making a reservation, please put in your type of rig (if you are pulling a car or a trailer (30' or less) with a motorhome, put "motorhome pulling"). When asked for the length of your RV, it should be the exact length of your RV, please.  Note that a rig model "33XXX" will most likely be longer than 33 feet long with the hitch, and we highly suggest measuring your rig from bumper to tongue/bumper to get the length or look up your unit online. Our website automatically adds length to your reservation, to fit you in a site, without having to unhook; if you click a site that is shorter, you will be asked to confirm having to unhook to fit. We add 25' to any reservation, the longest mass-produced pickup truck is 22' long. 
Please do not put your length any shorter or longer than your true length. Our sites are 45'-100' long. If you are pulling a double pull or a trailer behind your motorhome that is longer than 30', please let us know in the requests/notes on your reservation, and we will try and accommodate as much as possible, or give us a call at 605 332 9987.

Pet Policy

Pets: Your animal friends are welcome at the Sioux Falls KOA Journey. We ask that you comply with the KOA official National Pet Policy. We ask that you not bring any animal known to exhibit aggressive or protective behavior. We ask, PLEASE do not leave your pet(s) unattended at anytime and they must be on a 6 foot, or shorter, lead whenever the animal is outside the owner's trailer, vehicle, cabin or motorhome (we highly suggest not using a retractable leash).  Pet(s) that incessantly bark day or night are not permitted. Pets are only allowed inside designated "Pet Friendly" buildings. You are required to pick up after your animal friends. Violators of any of these policies may be asked to exit our campground. Please keep pets under control at all times on a 6 foot lead or less. Retractable leashes are not a suitable way to keep your pet under your control, please try and use a static leash whenever possible. This is for the protection of your pets, and other pets that they may interact with. Any incident where we are uncertain of your animals behavior you may be asked to remove your animal from our premises. Thanks for helping us keep our campground a safe place for our furry friends.
Service Animals: Prior to confirming your Cabin Booking (with your service animal) please let us know the following:
•Is your Service Animal required because of a disability?
•What work or task has your Service Animal been trained to perform?
•Please note: ESA/emotional assistance animals are not considered a service animal under the ADA and will be subject to the same fees/restrictions that any pet is during your stay.
•You are responsible at all times for your Assistance Animal's behavior. While we reasonably expect that your specialty Assistance Animal is well-trained, should any damage occur, you are responsible for the cost of any cleaning, repairs or replacements.

Golf Cart Policy

We do not allow golf carts as our park is small enough to navigate by walking. Exceptions are only for use in ada instances. Our employees are always more than happy to give you a ride in the park if needed as well!

Site Requests and Group Sites

Use "select my site" feature if you want a specific site or to be next to someone in your group. A $10 fee is applied per site per stay, and is limited by availability. We cannot guarantee sites next to one another and a request through online reservation does not guarentee you to be next to your travel partner.

Extended Stays

We do not have an extended stay rate. For any reservations longer than 30 days, please contact the office. All extended stays are at the daily rate $50+/night or $1,750/month.
Tenters are limited to 7 days maximum.

Cable TV

We have Cable TV in our pull-thru sites but do not currently have cable in our back-ins. If you would like cable, we recommend that you book on our full-hook up pull thru sites!


The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend until the day after Labor Day. Typical hours are 9am -8pm. It is heated and adjacent to a pavilion that you can reserve for your larger groups!

Restrooms and Showers

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest bathrooms! If one needs attention, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the front office. We have a lot of guests and try and keep everything tidy! Restrooms are open 24 hours, there is one on the East and one on the West side of the campground, one or the other may be closed for cleaning in the morning but never both.

Quiet Time

Some people like to get the worm, while others like to howl at the moon. Please be courteous to your neighbors by adhering to our quiet hours of 10:00 pm- 7:00 am.

Speed Limit

Please maintain a maximum speed of 5 m.p.h. we don't want any accidents!

Trash Disposal

We have 2 convenient dumpsters. One on the East side and one by the exit (west side). There is also a recycling dumpster on the Westside. We appreciate you helping us keep our park clean! If you have any mobility issues, we are more than happy to take your trash for you, please call our office, or flag one of our employees down and we can take it for you!