One Week Utah Road Trip Itinerary

One Week Utah Road Trip Itinerary

Utah attractions, adventures and trails make for an unforgettable trip. This incredible state features sweeping deserts, extraordinary rock formations, rushing rapids and gorgeous canyons that take your breath away. Following a Utah road trip map and a one-week itinerary can help you experience as much Utah sightseeing as possible. 

When to Visit

Utah is stunning any time of the year, but each season offers its own benefits. Spring, summer and fall are the best times to visit if you want to experience the area's exhilarating activities and exciting trails. Spring offers pleasant, warm weather and uncrowded trails, and summer is peak adventure season. The weather cools down in the fall, allowing you to enjoy the trails as the leaves change color and transform the landscape.

One Week Utah Road Trip Itinerary

If you have one week in Utah, you can explore the area's most incredible sights to make the most of your trip. Consider the following Utah road trip itinerary to experience the state's spectacular views, trails and thrilling activities:

Explore Salt Lake City

Start your Utah road trip loop in Salt Lake City with unique activities and sightseeing stops. Visit historic Temple Square to see stunning buildings and learn about the area's culture. You can also visit Olympic Park to learn about the Olympics on a guided tour and enjoy exciting activities such as the following:

  • Alpine slide
  • Extreme zip line
  • Extreme tubing
  • Discovery Course
  • Summit Course
  • Canyon Course
  • Airbag jumps
  • Drop tower
  • Scenic chairlifts
  • Action tower

Utah is home to the Great Salt Lake, the western hemisphere's largest saline lake. Antelope Island State Park offers one of the best locations to swim in the Great Salt Lake because you can easily access the lake on white sand beaches. Since the water has high salt content, you can enjoy an easy, relaxing float.

While visiting Antelope Island State Park, you can hike or bike beautiful trails and look for wildlife such as bison and various bird species. If you enjoy art, you can walk to The Spiral Jetty. Robert Smithson constructed this land art installation in 1970. You can view this gorgeous salt-encrusted rock spiral from the land when the water level is low or from a scenic flight when water covers the rocks.

Enjoy Horseback Riding in Bryce Canyon

After exploring Salt Lake City, you can travel to Bryce Canyon for a horseback ride. Canyon Trail Rides offers exciting horseback rides through Bryce Canyon National Park. The horseback riding trail is separate from hiking trails, so you can experience unique views you wouldn't see hiking. During a horseback riding excursion, an experienced guide stops at various points so you can take in unforgettable views and learn about the area's land and history.

If you have time for a hike after your horseback riding excursion, you can also explore the Rim Trail and walk along the edge of the famous Bryce Amphitheater. The Rim Trail begins at Bryce Point and follows the edge of Bryce Amphitheater, connecting to Inspiration, Sunset and Sunrise Point and ending at Fairyland Point. You can hike the entire trail or part of the trail to witness spectacular views.

Hike Through Zion National Park

Next, you can explore fun trails at Zion National Park. If you want to experience a challenging adventure in the park, you can apply for a permit to hike Angel's Landing. This strenuous hike is one of Zion National Park's most popular destinations but requires advanced hiking experience and skill. 

If you want to try a milder hike, consider exploring the Lower or Middle Emerald Pools Trail. The Middle Emerald Pools Trail stretches along 2.2 miles of a sandstone ledge and leads to stunning lookout points overlooking Zion Canyon. Along the way, you can marvel at majestic waterfalls and enchanting emerald-colored pools.

Travel the Monument Valley Scenic Drive

Monument Valley is featured in several Hollywood films, making it a fascinating place to visit. Drive along the Monument Valley Scenic Drive and imagine yourself in an old Hollywood western film. The towering sandstone pillars and expansive desert create a breathtaking view along the 17-mile loop drive. You can drive this road or schedule a guided tour to learn about the area from a Navajo guide. 

Local artisans and vendors sell items such as handcrafted jewelry along the path, so you can pick up some authentic souvenirs while you admire the clouds casting shadows across the desert. 

Embark on an Exhilarating Adventure in Moab

When you make your way to Moab, you can enjoy some exhilarating thrills for an unforgettable time. Red River Adventures offers the following incredible experiences:

  • Rock climbing: Learn how to rock climb with an experienced instructor and take a . Beginners and experienced climbers can choose easy or challenging tours for the most memorable experience.
  • Canyoneering: You can  and rappel into otherwise inaccessible water-carved canyons, letting you access stunning views few travelers get to experience.
  • Whitewater rafting: takes you on a fun, heart-pounding adventure through rushing waters. Local rafting guides take you on a thrilling ride through Colorado River rapids while teaching you about the area’s geology and history.

Experience Unique Viewpoints in Arches

Arches National Park has its name because it features over 2,000 stunning natural stone arches and various unique rock formations. Travel Arches Scenic Drive to pass by breathtaking sights or hike one of the beautiful trails leading to the rock formations. The following trails feature incredible arches, spires, towering rock walls and balanced rocks:

  • Broken Arch Trail
  • Sand Dune Arch Trail
  • Landscape Arch Trail
  • Balanced Rock Trail
  • Park Avenue Trail
  • Delicate Arch Trail
  • Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail
  • Double Arch Viewpoint Trail
  • Windows Viewpoint Trail

Return to Salt Lake City to Learn Fascinating History

When you complete your Utah road trip loop and return to Salt Lake City, consider stopping at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Exploring the museum and learning about natural history is the perfect way to wind down from a week of thrills and hiking. Learn about natural history spanning billions of years through compelling permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Camp at Kampgrounds of America to Experience the Best of Salt Lake City

Embark on a Utah road trip loop to experience the best this spectacular state offers. You can begin and end your adventure in Salt Lake City when you camp at KOA. Salt Lake City KOA Holiday is the perfect base camp to experience the city's most memorable attractions. 

Explore Temple Square, Olympic Park and the Great Salt Lake before gathering around a cozy campfire. Salt Lake City KOA Holiday offers convenient amenities and fun recreational activities, so you can have a comfortable and unforgettable trip. Book a stay at KOA to start your Utah road trip.

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