Your Go-To Camping Checklist

Your Go-To Camping Checklist

When going on a trip, whether short or long, the easiest thing to do is forget something. So before you leave, make sure to make or print out a checklist, so you won’t have to make more Wal-Mart runs than necessary. We have a list attached here, but a couple more things that you need to make sure you don’t forget are:

o  Sewer Hose

o  Electric Cord

o  Cable (for television and for jumping a battery)

o  Any extensions you may need

o  Leveling Blocks

o  Tire Jacks

o  Screw Drivers/Hammers

o  Extra Screws and Light bulbs

If you follow this little guideline you are sure to have less hassle and more free time for doing what you love!

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