Have Fun Homeschooling in Indiana: Richmond KOA

Have Fun Homeschooling in Indiana: Richmond KOA

Homeschooling offers many benefits, with one of the top being the flexibility to take your classroom to unexpected places. Whether you live in Indiana or are taking your homeschooling on the road through roadschooling, this beautiful state offers plenty of activities for you and your children to enjoy and learn from.

Top Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

Indiana offers plenty of educational opportunities that make for the perfect field trip. Some of the top attractions include:

Whitewater Valley Fossil Hunt

Millions of years ago, the state of Indiana was a shallow sea filled with wildlife. While the sea is no longer there, of course, you can still find remnants of the animals that inhabited it with fossils at the Whitewater Valley Fossil Hunt.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

 As one of the largest children's museums, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the perfect spot for engaging lessons. The museum is home to many interactive exhibits and has daily shows and programs that offer an immersive learning experience.

Hayes Arboretum

Learn more about the beauty of nature with a trip to Hayes Arboretum. This peaceful property features many trees, flowers and mushrooms to help make any science class more engaging.

A Unique Outdoor Educational Experience

Children often learn better through hands-on experiences, and a camping trip is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn new skills. Some of the top benefits of homeschooling while camping include gaining survival skills and the opportunity to view plants and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Top Tips for Roadschooling

Whether you are roadschooling full-time or just temporarily, these helpful tips can help you make the most out of homeschooling in Indiana:

  • Teaching does not need to be linear: Being on the road offers the unique opportunity for hands-on experiences that may not match your current lessons. Feel free to jump around in your studies to embrace this flexible learning environment.
  • Give time to play: Roadschooling is a unique opportunity for your child to engage in many fun activities, so it is important to set aside time for them to just be a kid.

Enhance the Homeschooling Experience When You Stay at Richmond KOA Holiday

Richmond KOA Holiday is the perfect location if you need a home base as your roadschooling or want to change up the scenery for your homeschooling. Danielle Schubert, one of the owners, was a teacher before joining the KOA family and has homeschooled her son, which gives her a unique insight into the homeschooling process. Contact the campground at 765-962-1219 to learn more about the special mid-week discounts for homeschooling and roadschooling families.

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