Antique Alley in Richmond, Indiana

Antique Alley in Richmond, Indiana

Antique Alley in Richmond, Indiana

Go back in time when you come to the Antique Alley in Richmond, Indiana. You can explore dozens of antique shops to see what treasures await you. You might find a turn-of-the-century piece of furniture or timeless decor from the 1700s — the antique collectibles you can uncover are endless! 

What Is Antique Alley?

Antique Alley is a year-round shopping trail that brings together over 1,000 antique stores, dealers, and antique malls peppered between historical buildings and landmarks. It's an antique lovers' dream come true, with fair prices and excellent quality items that will satisfy even the most discerning buyers. Whether you are hunting for a one-of-a-kind piece of history or something that will add character to your home decor, this walkable trail will offer the perfect opportunity to find what you're looking for. Even if you're not in the market for new treasures, you can window shop and still enjoy the history and uniqueness of Antique Alley.

Treasure Waiting for Discovery

This collector's paradise offers rare finds from around the globe, perfect for long-term hobbyists or those looking to start their first collection. Browse the many shops and displays for:

  • Collectibles: You will find a wide variety of collectibles that range from old books and art to stamps, coins and everything in between.

  • Furniture: Antique furniture lines the walls of many shops, with pieces from Europe and around the world. Find mid-century statement pieces and fixtures older than the United States itself.

  • Glassware: Glassware from all eras can be found here, from the rarest collections to everyday pieces you use at home.

  • Toys: Old-fashioned board games and classic toys like Barbie dolls and action figures let you satisfy your childlike wonder with a trip down memory lane.

  • Jewelry: Find one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, earrings and other stunning pieces that will make your heart skip a beat with their beauty and elegance.

  • Other rare finds: Continuously updated inventories ensure that no two visits to the antique stores in Richmond, Indiana, are identical.

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