6 Reasons to Plan Your Summer Camping in Advance

6 Reasons to Plan Your Summer Camping in Advance

We are all about living in the moment and enjoying the current season of camping that you’re in. Each season has its own great things to offer.

In the spring and fall, you’ve got great weather, not too many people and beautiful season changes. In the summer you’ve got the excitement of all the activity and hustle and bustle of camping. And in the winter, you’ve got an adventurous way to enjoy camping that sets you apart from the less intrepid travelers.

But, since all of the seasons are so different from each other, it is important that you plan your camping trips in advance. And we don’t mean just by way of reserving your campsite in advance (though that is certainly something you should do to ensure you don’t miss out on booking the perfect campsite). We mean you should plan to dive deep into the specifics of what makes, for example, spring camping a different beast than winter camping, and what you’ll need to ensure whatever season you’re in, you have all the gear you need.

Here, the reason you’ll want to plan your next season of camping ahead of time.



Weather is, in our opinion, the one of the biggest reasons you should plan for the upcoming camping season.

As mentioned above, both spring and fall can present some challenging weather that will make you seriously regret just “winging it.” And winter can be the most difficult camping season when it comes to weather.

So, here are some of the things you will want to plan for the upcoming camping season when it comes to weather.


Depending on where you are camping, the weather during the spring and fall can be a bit unpredictable. Always prepare for rain and cold nights because in most parts of the United States, those are the conditions you’ll find this time of year.

Also plan for storms and winds that may test your camping abilities and your patience. Keep an eye on the forecast ahead of time to see if there are any major storms or weather warnings that may make it preferable for you to reschedule your trip for another time.


Always plan for cold days and cold nights during winter camping, and ensure you have the appropriate gear to stay warm 24 hours a day during this season. Similar to above, stay in tune with the weather forecast and postpone your trip for another weekend if you find the weather looking a bit iffy.


Summer is the easiest season to deal with in terms of weather, but you do need to watch out for weather that may get too hot. In the south, be careful about planning your camping trip when the temperatures are skyrocketing, and maybe save those destinations for the cooler seasons.


You can just imagine the different gear you’ll need to pack for a summer camping trip versus a winter camping trip, so the sooner you get on prepping for the upcoming camping season’s gear, the better.

Here is some of the gear you’ll want to be sure you have for each season.


For camping during these sometimes unpredictable seasons, you will want to have a down sleeping bag that is good for temperatures down to 20 degrees. This a great way to stay warm without having to pack too much stuff in.

Another great thing to have is an inflatable sleeping pad that will keep you off of the potentially cold and wet ground.


Winter camping is no joke, and so you’re going to want a 4-season camping bag along with a thick and warm sleeping pad or mattress. If you’ve got the space, extra blankets are always a good idea.


One of the reasons we love summer camping is the lack of gear you need to bring. For this, you may want to swap out your sleeping bag for a lightweight quilt, and your lightest sleeping pad or mattress. A hammock is always a great addition to enjoy the sun and a good book in.


At KOA campgrounds there isn’t a bad camping site, but any regular camping knows they have their favorite campgrounds and camping sites. By planning your upcoming season of camping in advance, you’ll be far more likely to snag that favorite spot for yourself before someone else does – especially during busier weekends and holidays.

Some KOA locations will even allow you to pick the exact site you’d like to pull into for your stay. Find out if this is an option by visiting the campground’s website or by giving them a quick call. You may be able to choose a site closer to the bathhouse or one that’s more secluded – it all depends on your needs!

By planning early and booking in advance you’ll increase your odds of getting your perfect spot no matter how busy the campground is.


While we all love a good spontaneous trip, if it’s somewhere you haven’t been before, planning last minute won’t give you the time you want or need to discover all that place has to offer.

However, when you plan your next season of camping ahead of time, you are able to do ample research on the areas to find out what it is you want to explore.

Is there a lake nearby? What are the activities you can do on and around that lake during the season you’ll be visiting? Are there hiking trails that are a must with epic photo opportunities? When you know where you’re going in advance, you can use the Internet to plan every minute of your trip.


Planning your camping trip in advance will also give you a chance to plan your road trip to maximize fun!

Plan pit stops along the way to check out places you love, or places you’ve always wanted to visit. Make a longer trip out of it and stay at other KOA campgrounds along the way. With over 500 campgrounds in the United States and Canada, you will have plenty of places to stay on the way to your final camping destination.


KOA’s Work Kamper program connects KOA owners in need of seasonal help with camping lovers who are ready to make a short-term commitment and earn some money while doing so.

By planning your camping season in advance, you can find a good time to partake in the Work Kamper program. As a KOA Work Kamper, you still get to camp and enjoy exploring the area, but you’ll also be able to earn an income and create your own adventure.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

You’ll just need to commit to a period of time between three and six months, or possibly even up to a year, depending on the needs of the specific campground.

Be sure to read more about it here.

These are some of our favorite reasons to get planning on the next season of camping now. Why not enjoy the current season while also looking forward to the future?

KOA makes it easy to plan your camping trips with the help of our Find a KOA feature, as well as opening up doors of opportunity via things such as the KOA Work Kamper program. You never know what adventures you may find yourself on when camping with KOA, so get ready to make some great memories!

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