Top 10 Reasons We Are THANKFUL for Camping

Top 10 Reasons We Are THANKFUL for Camping

As Thanksgiving approaches, it has us thinking here at the Port Huron KOA Resort: what are we thankful for this holiday season? This KOA, that has been part of the system for 29 years now, continues to grow and change. We are constantly updating things, bringing in new ideas and sharing new memories, BUT; what can we stop and think about that has us thankful for the past 29 years? 

1. Family Time is a Priority. It isn’t every day you are stuck in a one-room kabin or a 30 foot camper with your entire family. It allows you to truly be yourself and spend time laughing and loving those that you may not get to see often – yes, your immediate AND camping families.

2. The Outdoors, need I say more? We as human beings spend so much time inside now that technology has taken over most of our life. Our jobs are at desks, behind computers (that’s where I sit now, ironically) and camping allows us to take a breath, a really deep one, outside among nature. 

3. Campfires! There is nothing better than a hotdog on the fire or a roasted marshmallow, crisp to perfection, to make the perfect S’more! Did you know that the KOA logo represents a campfire in a teepee to indicate that there is always someone home at our campground to make you feel welcome? Anything important enough to be represented in our own logo must be a big deal. Maybe that’s why we love them so much!

4. Meeting New People. Every campground has a PLETHORA of people with outstanding stories and tales to be told. I have personally met some of my greatest friends while working at the campground. There is something about the outdoors that really brings people together. 

5. CRAFTING AND GAMES. Where else can you learn to make a pillow out of a recycled t-shirt and play duck-duck-goose with water balloons? Anything is possible at camp, that’s what makes it so much fun!

6. Unplugging. After a long work week, or just a long week, it’s nice to unplug and just be. Of course most campgrounds have wi-fi, but it’s nice to just leave the phone in the camper and actually talk to those around you, make a new friend, play a new game that requires a team effort, and just laugh about something real and not through a screen.  

7. Traditions. I’m sure most of you reading this have small traditions that you do with your camp family. Whether it is coming up on a Thursday instead of a Friday to celebrate a weekend or going around a campfire telling stories. You know the traditions that started at camp and will continue for many years to come. 

8. Getting Dirty. Yes, it’s okay to go out and make a mess! In fact, WE ENCOURAGE IT! 

9. Pets. Pets help to reduce stress (most times) and we welcome them at our campground! We love including the furry friends whenever we can. They are an important part of every family! 

10. GROWING. Whether it’s how tall you are, learning to walk for the first time, or how to expand the campground further, there is always room for growth at a campground AND in the industry. 

We are sure that you can think of 1,000 more examples, but these were just of few of the ones we could think of. We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season and are so glad that we get to share that with all of you! Have a fun and safe holiday! 

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