General Campground Information

Check-in and Check-out Times

  • Check-in is 1pm MDT  (NO EARLY CHECK-IN'S are allowed)
  • Check-out is 11am MDT (LATE check out must be pre-approved by the office)

2 Ogallala KOAs

There are 2 KOAs in Ogallala at EXIT 126. We are Ogallala/I-80 KOA right along I-80. If making a reservation to stay with us, make sure you follow the directions to 221 Road East 85 Ogallala, NE 69153
We look forward to having you as our guest!

Public Transit

We do not have any Uber Service in our area but we do have a Public Transit that can transport you during the daytime but you must call and schedule it. They will pick you up here at I-80 KOA and take you anywhere in town.

Cable TV

We do not have Cable TV. We are in a rural area with no local channels at all. If you point your antenna to the EAST you will pull in about 4 PBS channels. Our WIFI allows you to stream any of your favorite shows.

Mountain Time Zone

  • We are located in the Mountain Time Zone.
  • If you are traveling from the EAST you will change times prior to your arrival so please plan accordingly.
  • No early check-in's are allowed.
  • Not all phones will change. AT&T is known to NOT change.


Our WIFI is free and allows you to stream any of your favorite shows. If you were to have an issue with the WIFI please reach out to the staff while on property. Slow WIFI is NOT ok with us!


We will text you the day of arrival to get an ETA from you (unless it is already noted on your reservation notes). If you will be arriving after hours, we will give you night registration instructions.
We offer curbside or office check-in, whatever you prefer. If you prefer curbside check in, please call or text 308-284-1300 before arrival or let us know when we greet you at the curb.
When you arrive, please stay to the RIGHT of the driveway and pull all the way to the STOP sign to allow others to come in off the road. The office is in the front of our building, if you choose office check-in.
Masks are voluntary and whatever you feel the safest doing.
  • Check-in is 1pm Mountain Time NO early check-ins are allowed.

Thank you and we look forward to having you as our guest!

Visitor Policy

  • Visitors are allowed as a courtesy.
  • Everyone must STOP and REGISTER at the office PRIOR to entering the park
  • Car Tag (you will receive at the office) is required on every vehicle and parking is provided in the overflow parking area.
  • Visitors are not to use our bathroom/shower facilities.
  • Visitors are asked to be out of the Campground by 10pm when Quiet Hours begin.


  • We allow 1 vehicle per space.
  • If you have more than 1 vehicle, you will be charged an additional vehicle charge and it will need to be parked in the overflow area.
  • Upon arrival we will direct you to the overflow parking area.
  • Please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can make sure we have space for your extra personal vehicles.
  • Unfortunately we do not have extra room to park Uhauls, trailers, boats or any non personal vehicle.

Store Hours

  • Office Hours vary according to the season. So please check our website for the current hours or call/text us at 308-284-1300
  • We are CLOSED daily from 11am-1pm for cleaning and maintenance.
  • No check-in's during those hours as our limited staff is preparing for your arrival. 


  • Please ues the provided trash cans located on your site map for any trash and debris.
  • Please dispose of cigarette butts in the dumpsters not in fire rings or on the ground.
  • Please do not use fire rings for ANY type of trash.
  • Our staff thanks you for helping us keep this place a clean and enjoyable place for you to stay. We can't thank you enough for your help!


  • Smoking is allowed at your campsite.
  • There is NO smoking allowed in the office/store, restrooms, guest parlor/TV room or in the laundry room. 
  • PLEASE dispose of your cigarettes, cigars, etc. in one of our ashtrays or trash cans.
  • PLEASE do NOT put them in the fire rings.THANK YOU!

Outgoing Mail

Need to mail a letter or postcard?
  • Just drop your mail in the OUTGOING Mailbox inside the guest parlor by the NIGHT REGISTRATION area.
  • We will pick up it up and mail it daily.

After Hours Registration- WE WELCOME YOU!!

  • LATE ARRIVAL WITH PRIOR RESERVATION... please look in the Night Registration Area located INSIDE our Guest Parlor, which is located on the EAST side of our building as you pull into our park. You will find an envelope in the YELLOW box with your name and site number. Inside the envelope is a campground map with all of the information that you will need.
  • NO RESERVATION???..... Please complete a Registration Envelope located in the Night Registration Area (see location above) and place it in the night box in the registration area.
  • Please DO NOT just pick a site unless there is an envelope showing that it is available. We do not want to have to make you move in the middle of the night if you have occupied someone else's site.


We do not allow the use of generators in our park.

Fire Pits

  • We do not have a fire pit at every site but if you would like to have a fire we can provide a portable fire pit to your site for no cost to you.
  • Requests can be made when you make your reservation or inquire at the office to see if one is available.


  • Please do not leave campfires unattended.
  • Please extinguish/douse your fire before retiring for the evening and leaving your site for the day or before you check out of the Campground.
  • We will allow campfires at our park unless we are under a County or State-wide Burn Ban. Occasionally, if it is extremely windy/gusty in our area, we will ask our campers not to light a campfire and will refrain from selling wood in our Camp Store.

Speed Limit

  • Please observe the 5 MPH speed limit throughout the Campground at all times.
  • This will be enforced strictly for the safety of all of our guests.
  • If you do not observe this speed limit you will be asked to leave with no refund.
  • 5 MPH is VERY slow and feels like you are crawling BUT this is for the safety of ALL of our guests.

Minor Children

  • Playground is for daytime use only.
  • Parents and/or guardians are responsible for all actions of their children.
  • Parents please closely monitor your children at all times.
  • We require that ALL minor children be monitored by an adult 18 years of age or older at all times!


We love our pets and we welcome them on our property.
  • PLEASE keep them on a leash at all times when they are outside your tents and RVs and DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED.
  • Dogs who bark constantly will not be allowed.
  • PLEASE use the provided trash bags in the Kamp K9's to pickup after your pet anywhere on property.
  • Pets are NOT to be left unattended in any of our Kamp K9's or Paw Pens.
  • Paw Pens are not for general use but only for those who have reserved that specific site 
  • Please refer to the site map for the designated KAMP K9's.
  • Pets are not allowed in the office, restrooms, guest parlor, laundry room, or on playground due to health codes (except service animals).
  • Our staff and guests greatly appreciate you picking up after your pet and properly disposing of any messes that they make.

Quiet Hours

  • Quiet Hours are from 10pm to 7am.
  • We will patrol through the park to make sure that these times are observed. 
  • Any guest who does not abide by quiet hours will be asked to leave the campground without a refund.

Season Closing

  • October 31st is the last night we are open for the season
  • If weather permits we may have some availability after that with limited services. Please call for availability 308-284-1300 (leave a message as the office is closed after Nov 1st)

Meet Your Hosts

DuPeire Family

Camping where strangers become friends and friends become family!

We are a family owned and operated park. Your hosts are Matt and Kristy DuPeire. At any given time, you will find their kids Tristan and Brylie, Austyn and Brittany, and grandkids Avery and Lincoln working or just enjoying visiting with our guests. We love camping and decided that the campground business was a perfect fit for us. Kristy grew up in her grandfather's KOA as a child and so the transition to KOA has just seemed natural! Our goal is for you to find a nice place to stay that is friendly, has clean facilities, and is a safe place for your family and pets. Our property runs right along I-80, which makes it a perfect location for you to get off the interstate and then back on when you have to leave. We have 2 truck stops close by, which makes fueling up a big rig a breeze. We are an interstate campground but we make up for it with clean facilities and friendly staff who will welcome you with a smile and make your stay the best it can be. We want your stay to be so great that next time you bring a friend along. We have several activities for the whole family, including gaga ball, corn hole, playground, and a town square pavilion area. Lots of activities to do within a 200 mile radius. The DuPeire family invites you to come and visit us - we can't wait to have you as our guest!