SEC Men's Basketball Tournament in Nashville!

SEC Men's Basketball Tournament in Nashville!

Sneakers squeak against the basketball court floor, and balls bounce rhythmically between teammates. These players are getting ready for one of the biggest tournaments of their lives: The SEC Men's Basketball Tournament. This event will begin on March 10th at the Bridgestone Area! With a game every day, the stakes will rise until two teams are battling for the Championship. This historic event will be the sporting event of the season, and make up for the missed tournament of last year! College basketball fans, don’t miss your opportunity after a one-year hiatus March Madness is back in Nashville! Make sure to Book Your Reservation with The Nashville KOA Resort.

2021 SEC Men's Basketball Championship Schedule

First Round: Wed. March 10th - SEC Network 

Game 1: Seed #12 vs. Seed #13

Second Round: Thurs. March 11th - SEC Network

Game 2: Seed #8 vs. Seed #9

Game 3: Seed #5 vs. Game 1 winner

Game 4: Seed #10 vs. Seed #7

Game: 5: Seed #11 vs. Seed #6

Quarterfinals: Fri. March 12th - ESPN / SEC Network

Game 6: Seed #1 vs. Game 2 winner

Game 7: Seed #4 vs. Game 3 winner

Game 8: Seed #4 vs. Game 4 winner

Game 9: Seed #3 vs. Game 5 winner

Semifinals: Sat. March 13th - ESPN

Game 10: Game 6 winner vs. Game 7 winner

Game 11: Game 8 winner vs. Game 9 winner

Championship: Sun. March 14th - ESPN

Game 12: Game 10 winner vs. Game 11 winner

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