RV Travel with Pets

RV Travel with Pets

Let’s face it, our animals are life! Camping wouldn’t be the same without our furry companions. 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first trip with the fur babies - you’ve come to the right place for ways to make their travel (and yours!) more comfortable. Pets thrive on routine so sticking to their schedule should ensure your fur baby is calm and happy as can be. 

We recommend packing these essentials: food, treats, drinking water, daily medications, flea and tick treatment, food bowls, bedding, and towels. Don't forget dog gear such as collar, harness, leash, waste bags, and a lead for the campsite. For the kitties, don't forget litter box, litter, scooper, and dust pan. Hey, if your cat is outdoorsy - that is SO very cool - and you probably already have their harness and cat backpack ready to go. Some campgrounds require current rabies vaccinations so do your research and prepare ahead of time. Identification tags with your name and phone number is helpful.

On travel days, be sure to secure an area for each pet on board. Whether it's a crate, carrier, bed, car harness, or mixture of each. Pinpoint dog friendly stops along your route. Plenty of travel centers and rest stops have grassy parks on site for your pooch to stretch and do their business. Last but not least, make sure your destinations are pet friendly. This is also a good time to plan pet friendly hikes, activities, and restaurants. 

Pets get anxious with change and travel days may stress out your sweet baby. By providing a safe haven for rest and relaxation ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible. Plus offer an area for food and water. Bring comforts of home like blankets and toys to enhance familiar scents. 

Designate a spot to go to the bathroom. Whether it be outside with waste bags or inside the RV. Are you stumped where to fit your kitty litter box? If you can’t find an open corner, utilize under the bed or even inside the shower. We’ve seen crazy clever renovations with cat doors leading to under compartments. Cat scratchers are also handy if kitty is a tad worked up from the travels. Just be sure to give your pets their space!

Fur babies are family too. We totally get it! We welcome four legged campers to Mercer/Grove City KOA! Their well behaved humans are welcomed too!

Your pooch will love romping around our K9 dog park, sniffing our dog walk, & exploring miles worth of trails in our backyard! Be sure to check out our Fido Friendly Activities blog here

The important thing is that you and your pets enjoy the journey. Keep it comfortable and calm for your fido and feline family!

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