Coffee & Camping

Coffee & Camping

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of Joe in the morning. In this blog, we’ll explore different brew methods whilst camping!  

PERCOLATOR - It doesn’t get more festive than preparing your brain juice over a campfire. Earthy aroma fills the air as you wait for your coffee to brew. We must note the robust flavor achieved when simmered just right. Be sure to keep your eye on the system to perfect the roast.  

FRENCH PRESS - Full body coffee connoisseur status. Depending on the size the French press, it’s generally perfect for two. Be sure to grind beans coarse for ideal flavor. The percolator and french press are favored by tent campers since electricity is not always available.

DRIP COFFEE POT - bonafide method to supply a group of campers with a large pot of smooth coffee. 

KEURIG - Popular among RVers and cabin campers, this glamping style method is quick and convenient so more time can be focused on the day’s activities.

LOCAL COFFEE JOINT - Be sure to ask around for the best coffee shops and venture out to town.  

KOA KAMPSTORE - Take a stroll to the Kampstore and enjoy a cup of java!  

We want to hear from you! What is your favorite coffee method while camping?

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