An Indoor Camping Night

An Indoor Camping Night

It’s winter time. A time for slowing down, turning inward and becoming more of a homebody. Hibernation doesn’t have to be so bland. Spice up the indoor vibes with a mock night of camping. 

Create the magic of camping anytime, anyplace with these helpful tips. 

Designate an open space for your “campsite”. Lay out a camp mat or set up around an area rug. Dust off those camping chairs and set 'em up. Light the fireplace if you’re so lucky to have one OR stream a crackling campfire on your TV. Dim the lights and get use out of those flashlights and headlamps. Hang string lights to set the ambiance of twinkling stars.

Unravel sleeping bags or tons of cozy blankets on the floor. Now is the time to pitch that tent if you have one! Set the white noise to the soothing sounds of nature like crickets chirping or water trickling downstream. 

Another important element to camping is food! Set up an intimate picnic spread including a cozy blanket and pillows. Prepare camping meals such as hot dogs, burgers, hobo packets, s’mores, trail mix and hot cocoa.

The possibilities are endless if you are setting up this experience for little ones. Create activities such as an indoor scavenger hunt. Play iSpy with tiny animal cut outs that can only be seen with binoculars. You can also recreate a fishing experience using a stick, yarn and pipe cleaner shaped fish. A deck of cards and spooky campfire tales will set the mood for the older crew.   

Maybe even drop the the temperature and turn on a fan so it’s cooler when your head hits the pillow. Perhaps stories are told of your most favorite camping memory or dream destinations still to come. 

Quit daydreaming about your next camping trip and create the experience within the comfort of your home!

Be sure to tag us in your photos if you create an indoor camping experience this winter! We can’t wait to see you on the campground real soon. Until then…Happy indoor camping! 

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