Livingston / Paradise Valley KOA Holiday Campground Blog

Get reimbursed if it rains during your stay!


Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ll be proactively reimbursed if rain [or heat] impacts your stay/experience. Through our partnership with Sensible Weather, the leading provider of weather protection in the travel and hospitality space, you can add a Weather Guarantee to your booking that...

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Local Wildlife in Yellowstone


Yellowstone is America's first national park and a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. With over 300 species of birds, 16 fish species, five different kinds of amphibians, six reptile species and more than 67 species of mammals, it may feel like there is a new type of wildlife at every turn....

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Top Tips for Camping with Your Pet


If you’re like most pet owners, you probably want to bring your furry friend along wherever you go. At KOA we want all members of the family to explore nature and enjoy a camping adventure – even the four-legged ones! Whether you’re planning on camping with your pet for the first time, or just need...

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Best Scenery Near Livingston & Paradise Valley


Best Scenery Near Livingston & Paradise ValleyLivingston and Paradise Valley, Montana, are two destinations tucked in the heart of Montana. With easy access to incredible mountain ranges, miraculous wildlife and breathtaking views, get ready to fall in love with these small towns and the surrounding...

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8 Exciting Things to Do in Gardiner, MT


When you want to leave the city behind and embrace the great outdoors, consider visiting the “Treasure State.” Montana is full of vast, beautiful scenery and an abundance of diverse wildlife. Gardiner, in southern Montana, offers a variety of activities to add some adventure to your vacation — and...

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The Local Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park


Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was the first national park in America, and it is a nature and wildlife lover's paradise. The park is situated in part of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone is famous for its mammals. With 67 mammal species that call the park home, Yellowstone has...

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Cable & Local TV Channel Guide


Catching up on tv shows or want to watch some movies while enjoying some downtime at the campground? Here’s our Cable/Local TV list for reference.

New Site Update! 2/4


The maps are designed, the sites are live on the website! WOOHOO We just got to where the sites are at finish grade. All in time for winter to show up! It's barely snowed for this whole project and now that we are at a stopping point, the snow is coming! What luck!Now for a bit more planning while...

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Care Camps Big Weekend Donation Gifts


We are very excited to be offering a few thank you gifts for ANY donation made to Care Camps during the KOA Care Camps Big Weekend. off, if you camp at ANY KOA this May 14th and 15th, you will only pay $20 for the second night! 100% of that $20 goes to Care Camps! https...

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6 New Deluxe Patio Sites!


We are so excited to share this exciting news with you! We are just excited in general about this project in case you couldn't tell! Coming in the summer of 2021, we will be opening 6 new Deluxe Patio sites! We have removed cabins 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, & 17 and we are updating sites 38, 39, & 40!...

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We are happy to announce that we were able to open the pool this morning. We were finally able to bring on enough staff to catch up with standard operations allowing us time to start the spring maintenance on the pool a couple of weeks ago. She's full, she's 82 degrees, and she ready for swimmers...

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Playground is OPEN! 5/30


The playground is now open to guest. Social distancing is advised as is hand washing after playing. We do have guests from all across the country come to our campground so be safe out there. 

COVID Pool Update 5/21


As we are very understaffed, we will NOT be able to open the pool on June 1st. This is the date that the Gov. has designated for public pools to open. Add to that most of our guests and staff are within the high risk age range and they are our top priority. Plus social distancing would still need to...

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COVID Update 5/18


As of May 22nd, our public bathrooms, tent sites, and rustic camping cabins will be open. The bathrooms will be reserved only for guests who do not have restrooms available to them in their RV or Cabin. The pool, playground, and breakfast pavilion will remain closed so long as businesses are...

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Chef's Table Food Truck the 22nd and 23rd of MAY!


We are really excited to host the Chef's Table food truck at our KOA from 5-8pm Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of May! Even if you can't get a reservation for your rig, stop by for some good grub! Check out their food here.

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COVID 19 Update: 5/9/2020


Our hearts and minds are with those folks who are currently battling the COVID virus and their families. We are also hoping that if you and your family are in good health and safe, that you are able to stay safe by social distancing and take care of each other during the most challenging moment of...

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Rubber Ducky Will Drop Off a Boat for Your Float


Rubber Ducky is one of my favorite businesses in Livingston. They will drop off a raft, ore framed or not, at your boat ramp of choice and pick it up from your take out of choice. All without you having to touch a pump! All you have to do is show up! And you don't even have to do that. Rubber Ducky...

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Matt's Butcher Shop Can Have Lunch Packed For Your Adventure


We are so excited to announce our partnership with Matt's Old Fashion Butcher Shop. Not only do they sell incredible fresh meat, but also great lunches, jerky, and more. The best part of Matt's Butcher Shop is their sandwiches and salads. You can email or call us to place an order. We can have your...

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Pine Creek Lodge. The Closest Dining and Great Live Music!


Pine Creek Lodge is a mile up Pine Creek Rd. They offer quality food with something for everyone, local brews on tap as well as a large selection of other drinks, and great live music. The closest place to get dinner from our KOA is just a short and beautiful one mile walk up the hill. On site...

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The state has started a 5 year project to redo the road that leads to our KOA. The road leading to our park is very rough right now. If you take it slow, it's a little bit better. The county will be fixing the pot holes sometime this spring. We will keep you posted here as construction gets underway...

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