Top Tips for Camping with Your Pet

Top Tips for Camping with Your Pet

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably want to bring your furry friend along wherever you go. At KOA we want all members of the family to explore nature and enjoy a camping adventure – even the four-legged ones! Whether you’re planning on camping with your pet for the first time, or just need a reminder as camping season gets closer, we have some helpful hints to make your camping experience memorable.

The Essentials

The number one recommendation from other campers is to bring water from home or use bottled water rather than the tap water at the campground. Even if it’s perfectly potable, a change in an animal’s water – similar to humans – can cause acute stomach upset.

In addition to food and water, another big essential is to keep a current copy of your pets’ health records. That way, if an unexpected trip to the vet happens, you’ll have the information you need with you.

If your pet already suffers from health concerns, be sure to prepare for their special needs as part of your essential planning.

Creature Comforts

When traveling, pets need a dose of the familiar in the form of their favorite foods, toys, and bedding.

Just in Case

“Expect the unexpected” is a motto campers and pet owners both understand well. Taking the time to pack the extra leashes and collars, for instance, means that you don’t have to take time away from your camping adventure to purchase new ones.

And Don’t Forget….

If your pet has never camped before, it’s important to properly prepare them prior to taking them to the campground. Close quarters, new surroundings and lots of new people can be difficult for pets to process.

Make sure your pet is comfortable being on a leash, and that they obey your commands, such as coming when called and staying close to you. If your pet has behavior problems, such as barking in your absence or is aggressive around other people or animals, it may dampen the fun of your camping experience, as well as those around you.

Pet-Friendly Ways to Stay

Your four-legged friend can camp in comfort too! Complete with everything you need, a number of our Deluxe Cabins and Camping Cabins offer pet-friendly accommodations for an additional fee. All RV and Tent sites are also pet-friendly with an additional fee for RV sites with a KOA Paw Pen™.

It is always a good idea to check on the specific pet policies at the campground of your choosing, as some locations may limit pets to certain campsites or certain types of accommodations.

Camping is all about memories with the ones you love most, including our furry family members. Book your pet-friendly site today

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