Hiking Trails Near Leavenworth, WA

Hiking Trails Near Leavenworth, WA

There is no better way to spend time in the great outdoors than hiking in Leavenworth, Washington. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert hiker, you can try various trails throughout the city. Learn about some of the best hiking trails around the area so you can start planning your next hike.

5 of the Best Hiking Trails Around Leavenworth

Hiking is an excellent way to embrace nature and leave the city for a while. Here are some of the best walking trails in Leavenworth that you can try with friends or family.

1. Old Pipeline Bed Trail

Also known as the Penstock Trail, the Old Pipeline Bed Trail is a popular place to hike in Leavenworth. The out-and-back trail is approximately 2.5 miles long and easy for hikers of all ages and skill levels. The trail follows a historic 1900 pipeline that carried water to a powerhouse to generate electricity.

While you walk along the path, you can also see the serene river beaches and beautiful Wenatchee and Tumwater Canyon areas.

2. Icicle Gorge

You can also enjoy a leisurely hike on the Icicle Gorge loop trail. The path is about 4.5 miles and is generally easy to walk. It is a family-friendly trail that offers much to see. You can cross Icicle Creek using various bridges, keep watch of the wildlife and visit some of the small waterfalls.

3. Icicle Ridge Trail

If you want a more challenging hike, consider hiking the Icicle Ridge Trail. It is another popular walking trail in Leavenworth. The out-and-back path is about 5.5 miles and is moderately difficult. It has a decent incline, so ensure you have the proper hiking attire while walking.

4. Sauer's Mountain

Another moderate trail is Sauer's Mountain Trail. The out-and-back path is approximately 5 miles. It ascends to the summit of Sauer's Mountain, which is 3,117 feet. Along the way, you can enjoy various flowers, plants and wildlife. The first section of the trail also has fun art, like faces on trees and carved totems. As you make your ascent, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

5. Colchuck Lake and Lake Stuart Trail

The Colchuck Lake and Lake Stuart Trail is an almost 12-mile hike great for more experienced hikers. The out-and-back trail has uneven and rocky ground, with several steep areas. The path has many switchbacks and comes to a junction, so you can decide if you want to follow the path that leads to Lake Stuart or Colchuck Lake. You will have beautiful water views when you reach the lakes.

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