Enjoy Kingston Breweries With a Craft Beer Crawl

Enjoy Kingston Breweries With a Craft Beer Crawl

If you are in the mood for a beer crawl, Kingston, Ontario, is a top destination. Kingston is home to a wide selection of breweries all within a short radius, making it an excellent pick for beer tastings. From older local craft breweries to the latest pubs, you are sure to find a Kingston location that suits your tastebuds. 

With so many pubs to choose from, you might be unsure how to start your Kingston, Ontario, craft beer crawl or brewery tours. Here are some pubs with the best beer in Kingston, Ontario.

1. Kingston Brewing Company (KBC)

One of the best places to start your beer crawl is with the Kingston Brewing Company. Founded in 1986, this notable location is Ontario's oldest pub. The brewery is famous for its beers, ciders and soda pops that are all made on-site. The Kingston Brewing Company also features cozy courtyard patios, an elegant banquet room and an unforgettable outdoor truck known as the “Dragon Wagon.” A large compilation of beer artwork and memorabilia covers the walls, adding to your overall experience.

Its handcrafted beers and ciders are excellent choices for your beer crawl. Here are some of KBC's top craft beers and ciders:

  • Dragon's Breath Cask Ale
  • Whitetail Cream Ale
  • Regal Amber Lager
  • Cranberry Apple Cider
  • House Snakebite

KBC also has an excellent food menu to accompany your drinks, with everything from nachos to fish and chips.

2. MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.

Another top brewery in Ontario is the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company. This famous brewery rests on a family farm just outside Kingston. The owners use their own barley and grain to craft their beer, highlighting the unique taste of rural Canada. 

The MacKinnon Brothers house their taproom and bottle shop in their cozy barn. It makes the perfect place to greet old friends or make new ones. They also offer beer to-go, so you can still try their delicious brews even if you do not have time to stop by. 

This brewing company is famous for its popular events as well — in the summer, the owners host an annual festival featuring music, beer, food trucks and more. Additionally, every Thursday from 3-7 p.m. is Bring Your Own Vinyl Night, where visitors can bring in a cherished LP and celebrate their favorite music with the rest of the community.

Some of their top beers include:

  • Wild Peppermint Stout
  • Lunenburg Canadian Fruit Beer
  • Red Fox Ale
  • Crosscut Canadian Ale
  • Philomena Pilsner

3. Spearhead

Spearhead is another great example of local craft breweries in Kingston. This popular brewing company crafts innovative and unforgettable beers, with many served at restaurants worldwide. If you want to find an Ontario craft brewery tour, Spearhead is an excellent option. They offer free tours of their state-of-the-art facilities. These intimate tours give you a firsthand look at their brewing process and other exciting fun facts.

Here are some of Spearhead's popular craft beers:

  • Big Kahuna Imperial IPA: Brewed with pineapple juice, this beer has a bold and complex flavor.
  • Hawaiian Style Pale Ale: This brew features a crisp and citrusy taste, with pineapple as its central ingredient.
  • Decoy Lager: Spearhead partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada, a wildlife conservation organization, to create this sweet beer.
  • Amber of the North: This beer has a distinct flavor, mixing spice and nuts with chocolate and molasses.
  • Lighter Lager: This light brew is a crisp and refreshing choice for any occasion.

4. Skeleton Park Brewery

Our next recommendation for your Kingston bar crawl is Skeleton Park Brewery. This location has a unique backstory that originates in Taiwan. After the mayor of his town ordered the shutdown of every bar and pub, the founder started brewing small batches of beer in secret. He eventually returned to Canada and settled in Kingston, where he founded the Skeleton Park Brewery. Its name refers to the founders' efforts to revive old and lost brews from Kingston's past.

Skeleton Park Brewery also hosts brewhouse tours for groups of up to four people, where you can get a closer look at their brewhouse and brewing techniques. 

Skeleton Park's top beers include:

  • Bohemian Pilsner
  • Autumn Fyre
  • Amber 6.6
  • Proper English Ale

5. Stone City

Another perfect destination for your bar crawl is Stone City Ales. Founded in 2014, this brewery offers both a physical location and regular subscription boxes for delivery. Their subscription boxes offer a way to enjoy their house crafts from the comfort of your home. Once you subscribe, they deliver automatically each month for a quick refill.

You can also visit their location in Kingston to try their brews in person and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere. Here are some popular Stone City Brews:

  • Constellation Pilsner
  • Ships in the Night (Oatmeal Stout)
  • Life on M?rz (Bavarian-style Lager)
  • Demeter (Barrel-Aged Saison)
  • 12 Star (Session Ale)

6. Daft Brewing

Next up is Daft Brewing. The founders built this brewery in a renovated Kingston garage, and it features a large patio, custom-designed tables, wall murals and more. The fun location is well-known for its excellent beer, food and exciting events. Their most popular event is the annual Thirsty Games, a homebrewing competition where local brewers can enter their handcrafted beers. After the judges try each entry, they select the winner, who gets their beer hosted on the taps of Daft Brewing. The winner also gets to make their beer with the brewery's head brewer.

Daft Brewing's beers are popular throughout Kingston, available in the taproom and to-go options. These are a few of Daft Brewing’s most popular beers:

  • Coffee Is For Closers (Coffee Milk Stout): This creamy stout features a bold coffee flavor originating from single-origin beans from Brazil. 
  • Neature Walk (Spruce Sour): This refreshing and citrusy ale is crafted with fresh lemon and spruce tips. 
  • Follow Your Nose (Fruit Sour IPA): Citrusy and tart, this beer uses blackberry puree in its fermentation.
  • Hit the Lights V5.0 (Lemon, Lavender, Berry Sour): This sour beer is crafted with lavender, lemon and berries.
  • Throwing Shade (Black Lager): This black lager features smooth chocolate and roasty notes. 

7. Hard Way Cider Co.

The Hard Way Cider Company is another notable Kingston brewery. The founders started the company with the intention of producing every step of a cider. They wanted to control the entire process, from selecting apples to pouring the brew into a glass. They achieved their goal, producing a one-of-a-kind cider with exceptional taste. The staff brews each cider in a different barrel, creating a unique and individual flavor for each type.

When you visit Hard Way Cider Co., you can check out flavors like:

  • Life’s a Peach: One of the brewery's most popular options, this dry cider has a signature peach finish.
  • Raspberry Dreams: This raspberry-focused drink is a tart and fruity favorite.
  • Catawampus with Black Cherry: This brew has hints of black cherry and creates a complex taste.
  • Ramboozle with Raspberries: This fruity flavor features 10% raspberry juice, creating a dry and tart taste. 
  • Loco Blanco: A tequila-based brew, it has an earthy and smooth texture.

8. Riverhead Brewing

Lastly, the Riverhead Brewing Company makes an excellent addition to Kingston, Ontario, breweries. This independent craft brewery is owned and run by locals, brewing all of their beers on-site. The location is popular for social gatherings, becoming a hub for friendly gatherings and great food and beer.

The Riverhead Brewing Company has live music every Friday night, as well as regular trivia nights. In addition to their brewery and gathering spaces, they have a beer store available online and in person.

During your visit, you can enjoy popular beers like:

  • Raspberry Wheat
  • Fruit Punch Sour
  • Campfire Amber
  • Cerveza
  • Tropical IPA

You can also check out their delicious food menu, featuring everything from typical appetizers to dessert pizzas.

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