Here's When You Should Visit the 1000 Islands!

Here's When You Should Visit the 1000 Islands!

The 1000 Islands region is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to explore in Ontario, Canada. It's home to abundant natural beauty and history, including thousands of islands, rivers and waterfalls. When you book a trip here, you'll want to be sure you experience it at its best!

We've put together a list of the best times to visit Kingston, Ontario, so you can enjoy the perfect 1000 Islands getaway.

When to Visit Kingston, Ontario

The best time to visit Kingston is in the summer. The city brims with culture and history best experienced when the weather is warm and sunny.

In the warmer months, the Kingston travel season offers an abundance of activities like biking, hiking or kayaking on Lake Ontario. The city boasts over 200 parks, including Fort Henry National Historic Site and Confederation Park. You can also explore Kingston's downtown area or enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

Weather in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston has a humid climate with comfortable summers, coming in at a daily average of 19° Celsius/ 67° Fahrenheit. Winters here are on the cold side, with temperatures regularly dipping below 0° Celsius/ 32° Fahrenheit. In fall months like October, you can expect heavy rains and thunderstorms, while February squalls are notorious for dense snowfall. It's wise to plan for windy weather no matter what month you visit. 

Best Months to Visit

The best travel months for a 1000 Islands trip are June through August. During these months, temperatures can reach up to 27° Celsius/ 80° Fahrenheit with very little wind. Summertime provides an ideal climate for outdoor exploration and activities such as hiking and boating. Please note that weather conditions in this area can vary significantly from year to year, so ensure you check the forecast before heading out on your trip.

Things to Do in Kingston, Ontario, During Summer

With its mild summer weather, Kingston offers a wealth of things to do as you explore the 1000 Islands area:

  1. Watch a movie in the square: Head to Springer Market Square for a free outdoor movie experience under the stars.
  2. Voyage on an island cruise: Get out on Lake Ontario on one of the many cruises available, including dinner cruises, sightseeing trips and even whale watching excursions.
  3. Dive and snorkel for an underwater view: If you prefer to stay active on your vacations, try diving or snorkeling in local waters.
  4. Explore museums: Learn more about Kingston's history by touring a museum or historical site.
  5. Celebrate local events at a festival: The city hosts several events and festivals each year — including Artfest and YGK Craft Beerfest — where you can enjoy music, food and drinks while mingling with other locals who share your hobbies.

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