Top 5 Things to do in Honesdale

Top 5 Things to do in Honesdale

Nestled in the Lake Region of the Poconos, Honesdale nourishes a small hometown charm with its numerous local, family-owned, small businesses. The local area hosts activities that the entire family will enjoy. If you choose to go off-site during your stay with us to explore the local area, these are the top 5 things that we recommend checking out!

The Stourbridge Lion

Known as the "Birthplace of the American Railroad," Honesdale hosted the first steam engine locomotive in the United States. This history lives on through the Spring, Summer, and Fall, when visitors can enjoy scenic train rides on the historic railroad along the Lackawaxen River. Tickets can be purchased online here or at the visitors bureau. 

There are plenty of chances to take advantage of this opportunity, as the Stourbridge Lion runs on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Downtown Honesdale

Main Street has plenty of things to enjoy throughout the day, including some of our favorite restaurants for breakfast (Camp Umpy's, Larel's Hometown Cafe, Black & Brass) and lunch/dinner (Scarfalloto's Diner, Paulies Hot Dogs, Here & Now Brewing). If you are planning on heading into town for food, it's worth stopping in the camp office on your way out so we can provide you with our personal recommendations!

Downtown also hosts a wide array of small shops that are perfect for window shopping on a warm summer day. Businesses such as Maude & Main, Gather, and Wallflower all provide unique shopping experiences and items or gifts for friends and family. 

Irving Cliff

Just a few minutes out of Honesdale, Irving Cliff in Gibbons Park overlooks the town and the surrounding area. Visit and read about the history of the land and how it was donated to the town of Honesdale, enjoy the hiking trails, or set up a picnic. The star sitting atop Irving Cliff can be seen from downtown Honesdale and the entire town is visible from atop the cliff. The road up to the park leads you within a short walking distance of the overlook, and fences and gates provide a safe experience for the entire family. 

Prompton State Park

Located within a 5 minute drive from the campground, Prompton State Park maintains over twenty-six miles of hiking trails with various terrains. Walk across the 147' tall dam that was built to hold the 290-acre lake after the river caused severe flooding in 1936, 1942, and 1955. In addition to hiking trails, there is a boat ramp onto the lake. As well as a picnic area with tables, pavilions, and charcoal grills available for public use. If you have your own frisbees for frisbee golf, there are two courses set up around the park. 

Tanner Falls

A small waterfall located only about 15 minutes from the campground. Attached to 15,000 acres of state gamelands, Tanner Falls is a great, little-known place for hiking or a picnic. Park at the top of the waterfall and walk out onto the rocks, enjoying the view, or hike down through the woods to the bottom of the waterfall. 

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