Spring Rain!

Spring Rain!

If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, as we do, you all know that the old adage - March winds bring April showers, which bring May flowers - is pretty much true.  But let's recall what that is really saying.  

In March the weather in North Eastern PA brings a cold blustery wind that whips through your jackets.  It may have some snow flying through the air as well.  As the temperatures warm up in March, it also starts the thawing of the snow on the ground.  Yup, that brings lots of mud.  The ground is soft and you know if you get your car tire on the grass at this time of year you have a nice rut.  So here at the campground, we are currently dealing with the edges of spring; mud, brown, chilly, and some snow.  But if you take a deep breath, you get a whisper of spring and warmth and sunshine.

April will be upon us quickly and with that, comes some rain, but more, sunshine to grow our grass and nourish our trees and flowers.  The grass will turn from yellow to green, the trees will start to bud, and the temperatures will start to climb higher each day.  Here at Honesdale/Poconos KOA, we may still see a snowstorm come through in April and our nighttime temperatures may dip down close to freezing occasionally.  Fortunately, we know that white will give way to the green.  The tree buds soon turn to leaves and the first flowers will break through the earth and give us joy.

May will be upon us as schools start to finish and that brings camping season.  The smell of wood-burning.  The tease of bacon cooking when you step outside in the morning.  The sound of people murmuring and kids laughing and playing.  Those are the sounds I enjoy as the weather changes and May flowers push forth.

We hope you are all blessed with safe travels, great family and friend time, and the building of relationships around the campfire this coming camping season.


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