Holiday Treats, Camper Edition

Holiday Treats, Camper Edition

No oven? No problem! Try a few of these no-bake recipes:

  • Score an electric pizzelle iron for delicious Italian cookies that you can flavor any which way your taste buds desire. Flair with almond, lemon, or anise seed if you're a fan of classics. Split the batter and experiment with mini chocolate chips, peppermint extract, birthday cake flavor, or any dreamy variation. Think Belgium waffle iron but for tasty little cookies! What's wonderful about these fine pastries is they're equally delicious if you prepare 'em hard and crisp or soft and chewy. (All you need is electricity)
  • Grandma’s favorite fried ribbons over the stovetop are also a fantastic no oven necessary dessert. Use oil for frying and powdered sugar for dusting the delectable bows of dough. (All you need is a gas burner or portable electric stovetop)
  • Chocolate-covered pretzels and potato chips sprinkled with holiday confections. Dip marshmallows and gram crackers in chocolate for all the all campfire feels. S'mores anyone? (Melt chocolate in the microwave, on a stovetop, or over a campfire)
  • Cookie-cutter rice crispy treats with M&Ms or festive confections. Use cookie cutters to shape treats into candy canes, stars, and snowmen! (Melt marshmallow in microwave, stovetop, or campfire) 
  • Cornflake holly wreaths made out of corn flakes instead of rice crispies. Add a dab of green food coloring to the buttery melted marshmallow mix then gently stir in corn flakes. Form wreaths on wax paper and garnish with red candies for red berries. (Melt marshmallow in microwave or stovetop)
  • Candy cane icebox cake - line 9x13 pan with gram crackers and layer with your favorite flavor of pudding, cool whip, and crushed candy canes then refrigerate until serving time. (No cooking needed. Just a cooler or refrigerator for the cake to set)  
  • Mix simple ingredients and layer in shot glasses or mason jars for mini raspberry cheesecake shooters. (No cooking needed. Just a cooler or refrigerator for the cake to set)

These no-bake treats are accessible whether you're camping in a cabin, RV, or tent! Be sure to tag us in all of your holiday camping festivities!  

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Everything! 

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