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Curbside Produce Boxes

Curbside Produce Boxes

We are flourishing over this idea!  

New Market's Jon Henry General Store is packing up all the fresh fruits and veggies!  

They're offering pre-made produce boxes for curb-side pick up.  All it costs is $20! The contents are locally sourced and freshly harvested farm products. Guaranteed juicy, flavorful, and perfectly ripe.  

A colorful box typically contains tomatoes, green and yellow squash, berries or fruit, cucumbers, greens like lettuce or cabbage, onions, a root vegetable like potatoes, beets or carrots, citrus, and a local value added product like jam, bread, popcorn, etc. The artisan product pictured in this box is Rainbow Popcorn from Green Acres Popcorn. Our taste buds are watering just thinking about popping this over tonight's campfire!  

The store also offers essentials like Milk, Bread, Yeast, Meats, Canned Food, Veggies, and cheeses.

Reserving a box is easy peasy! Sign up in advance here for pick up Wednesdays or Fridays.  

Shop local. Support small businesses. Nourish the body and mind with wholesome foods, positive thoughts and connection.  We are continually inspired by all the good being done in local communities and around the world.  Here's to rediscovering a zest for life!  

By Unknown Sweet Home

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