A Day in the Town of Flagstaff, AZ

A Day in the Town of Flagstaff, AZ

Make the most of your vacation in Flagstaff, Arizona. The city offers plenty of things to do that your entire family will love. From Flagstaff shopping to eating and sightseeing, your day will be full of fun and laughter as you create unforgettable memories with the people you love.

Incredible Places to Visit in Flagstaff

Here are some of the best places to eat and attractions in Flagstaff that you won't want to miss during your vacation.

Best Flagstaff Restaurants and Cafes

You could start your day with a delicious breakfast, piping hot coffee or a cool mimosa at The Toasted Owl Cafe, a cafe decorated with owls and other extraordinary vintage objects. You and your family can indulge in delicious homemade pancakes, omelets and breakfast sandwiches or tacos. The cafe also serves lunch and has vegetarian and vegan options.

Fat Olives is a great place for wonderful wood-fired pizza and classic Italian meals for dinner. The restaurant offers some of the best food in Flagstaff. After a long day of sightseeing, it will taste delicious.

Shopping Centers

After a hearty breakfast and lunch, head downtown to do some shopping and find exciting souvenirs. When you want to shop while staying out of the heat, the Flagstaff Mall is the ideal location. You could also stop by the University Plaza for more shopping adventures, whether you need to stock up on groceries, find new lotions and soaps or discover great discounted clothes.

Popular Attractions

If your day has more openings or you want to put shopping on hold, the Flagstaff area has plenty of other attractions you and your family can visit during the day. For example, the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark is a fun place to see. You'll view where a meteor hit Earth over 50,000 years ago. You could also walk through the Discovery Center & Space Museum at the landmark to learn more about the meteor.

Embracing the outdoors during your time in Arizona is crucial, too. The Grand Canyon National Park is about an hour and a half outside Flagstaff. You and your kids will love seeing the Grand Canyon up close.

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