General Campground Information

Cancellation Policy for Cabins

Deluxe Cabins, Cabins, Tree House, and Glamping Tent reservations have a two-week cancellation policy.  When you cancel within two weeks, you will forfeit your deposit.  If you cancel before 14 days, we will refund half of the deposit.

Holiday cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy is different during holidays.  We do not refund deposits during this time for any reason. We are sorry for any inconvenience. All Holiday weeks are paid in full.

One unit per Site

All sites are for either a tent or camper.  No site will accommodate more than one unit or one tent.  If you need more than one tent or camper per site you will have to rent another site. Sites will also accommodate one vehicle per site.

Camp Site

ONE RV OR TENT and one motor vehicles per site
Sewer hookups:
RV sewer lines must be connected with approved hose connection system to provide tight fit
Waste water cannot be emptied on ground
Tanks can not be left opened. Only to be opened when dumping
Residents shall maintain site in clean and orderly manner
No outside clotheslines unless made to attach to camper
Improvements to site must be approved by management
Storage units must be approved by management

Check In/Check out Policy

Our check-in is 1:00 pm for RVs, 3:00 pm for cabins, and check-out is 11:00 am. Our office is closed from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm for grounds cleaning. No one will be covering the office to get you checked in before 1:00 pm.


Parents are responsible for children at all times.
Children under 6 should be accompanied to the bathroom
Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area at all times
Bicycles are to be ridden on the road ways and not on sidewalks or other peoples sites
Helmets must be worn at all times while riding
Children must not ride bikes after dark.

No Check-Ins after 9pm

Our campground is gated.  We do have sites that will accommodate late check in but prior arrangements must be made in advance for check in after 9pm.  As long as a late check in site is available and will accommodate your needs. We try very hard to respect all of our guests so as not to disturb sleeping people we will not allow check in and set up after 9pm. Please call for more information or to request late check in site.


Please follow Maine state fire laws. Do not leave fires unattended and must be extinguished before leaving or retiring for the night. No out of state firewood allowed to be burned. Bundles are for sale $6.00.

Visitor Policy

All visitors must stop and sign in at office.
Visitors will pay $10.20 for the day or night. Parties must be approved by office. A party consists of a group of 4 guests or more.
Tenants must be on property at all times and be responsible for guests. Guest hours are from 9am till 9pm. All guests must be off property by 9pm. No visitor shall bring a pet on property.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10pm till 8 am and are strictly enforced. You may enjoy your campfire but please be respectful of other campers. We will only ask one time to quiet down and then you could be escorted off the property.


You are welcome to have your mail delivered to the campground. Please make sure your name and the campground name and address are listed on  your mail or package. Mail is usually delivered between 3 and 4 and can be picked up at the office. Please check your mail daily.

Security gates and speed limit

We are a gated entrance. Please make sure when entering park that the gate is down in front of you before you use your gate controller to open gate. If not the gate will come down on the top of your car and we both will cry. Speed limit is 5 miles an hour and is strictly enforced. You will be asked to slow down one time and loose your car privileges in the park if asked to slow down again. We have small children playing and we want to make sure they are safe at all times.


Please make sure to pick up after your pet as we know they can't pick up after themselves.
No pets in the playground, buildings or in family play area (Bocce, horseshoe pits, etc.)
Pets, including cats, if outside, must be on a leash at all times.
Dogs are not to be chained outside and left unattended
A $50.00 fee will be charged to your card for messes that are found and not cleaned up.
We do have cameras around the park to help with keeping track.


9am till Dusk
Pool rules are located inside the pool.
Please make sure when entering bathrooms that you are completely dry. wet feet causes slippery floors.
Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


Please make sure that all trash is put into the dumpster and not left on sides of dumpster. Also no building materials or furniture. If you need to dispose of these items please call the office to make arrangements.


Please no smoking near or in any buildings, pool or front porch.Must be 25 ft from any building or recreational area. Many people with severe allergies.
Please do not throw butts on the ground
Marijuana is not allowed on park for any reason.


In case of an emergency dial 911
Please notify management of any emergency after calling 911.


Laundry is open 24 hours a day
Do not leave cloths unattended
No blankets, sleeping bags, shoes or heavy items allowed in washer or dryers.
Do not over load machines
Please make sure to clean out lint trap.

Meet Your Hosts

David & Marlene Greenlaw

Enjoy a night or two and leave with a lifetime of memories.

We are very proud of Bucksport/Fort Knox KOA and thought you might enjoy a bit of its history. In 1969, two couples formed a partnership and purchased a piece of land that developed into a 25-site campground designed for tents and pop-ups under the name of Kozy Kampers Campground.

The campground changed ownership 3 times. Joyce and Don Nelson appeared on the scene in 1989 and the original Shady Oaks was born. That change was a big challenge since neither of them had ever experienced the camping adventure. Soon, it was evident that major changes had to be made to keep up with the fast-growing RV industry. A few items on the list were a home for the owners, a swimming pool, an updated power system, sewer hookups, and renovations to the bathhouse, laundry and recreation hall. Most days, Don had a chainsaw in one hand and a shovel in the other. Joyce was close behind with a mop and broom.

They learned early on that they needed to create a family atmosphere. They encouraged seasonal campers to make Shady Oaks their summer home. Young and old alike brought life to the summer festivities and friendships grew. After 25 years, Bucksport/Fort Knox KOA has grown to 70 sites and 5 cabins.

In October 2014, Don and Joyce purchased a home and have now retired to Island Life and the Greenlaw family moved in.

David and I (Marlene) have camped for many years. We were first tenting, then to a travel trailer, and then to a pop-up. David and I have always dreamed of owning our own campground and used to discuss it as we sat by our campfire at the many campgrounds we have visited through the years. Our first vacation with our 1-month-old daughter Bethany was tenting Greenlaw style. Yes, we had a tent, but along with that came cots, a crib, a refrigerator, a wooden rocking chair, a microwave and many other comforts of home. I think that's when David decided that we needed a travel trailer. Of course, we went all out and bought a 30-foot camper.

Our favorite part of camping is enjoying our family time around the campfire and the great friends we met along the way. In the summer of 2014, our whole family became campers at Bucksport/Fort Knox KOA and fell in love with the Nelsons and all the other families at Shady Oaks Campground. We turned a one-month stay into what we hope is a lifetime.

Come and enjoy a relaxing stay with us at Bucksport/Fort Knox KOA and meet our family and our extended family (our campers).  Sit a spell in one of the rockers on the front porch, listen to a story or two, or take a swim in the pool. Take a few days to enjoy the great places you can visit just minutes from our doorstep: Acadia National Park, Camden-Rockland, Bangor and many other destinations in our great state. But whatever you choose to do, make sure you relax and enjoy your stay with us. We hope to make your stay with us very enjoyable and relaxing.

David & Marlene Greenlaw