Bangor / Holden KOA General Information
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General Campground Information


We welcome all campers, however, if you are staying in one of our rental accommodations and cannot make it in by 7 PM please call to make arrangements. We would appreciate it if campers are set up by our quiet time of 10PM.

Base Rate

Our base rate includes two adults and three children and one vehicle per site. Additional adults and children are billed at a rate of $6 per person/per day. One vehicle may park on-site and any additional vehicles must park in visitor parking. Tent site base rates include two adults and three children and one vehicle per site.

Internet & WiFi

Free WiFi is available throughout the campground. Directions to access the WIFI will be provided upon check-in in the office. Our free WIFI allows you to check your email, facebook, etc. You will not be able to download movies on it. However we do have over 60 TV channels.

Campers / Children / Guests

Campers / Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children, friends of their children and their guest at all times. Our goal is to make your camping experience safe, relaxing and a great deal of fun. We look for your co-operation to attain that goal. Children under 5 must always be accompanied by their parents around the park. All children under the age of 16 must be at their sites by dark. All children must wear bike helmets ( no exceptions). Please make sure your children understand they cannot run or ride through other campsites.

Check IN - Check OUT - Late Stay Check Out

Check-in time, for all campers, is no earlier than 1:00 p.m. Check out time, for all campers, is no later than 11:00 a.m. this is to allow time for site clean-up. Please do not leave garbage in the fire pit, otherwise a clean up charge will apply. If you need a late check out please check at the Office for availability.

Visitors / Guests

Any person or persons who are not named on the initial registration form as a“Registered Camper”, and has entered the campground is considered a visitor. Registered Campers who have visitors that are not registered will be charged the visitor's fee for their guest according to the scheduled rates. Failure to register Visitors and / or Guests will result in a $10.00 penalty fee in addition to the regular fee. There may be no more than 6 people on one site at any given time, either on a transient basis or seasonal basis. Day visitors must checkout and leave the campground by 8 p.m. unless registered as an overnight guest and have paid the applicable fee. Overnight visitors must check out at the office and leave the campground by 11:00 a.m. or an additional fee may be applied. State Law requires us to know who is in the campground and on premises at all times. Thank you!

Parties / Gatherings

Family gatherings are fun! We encourage family gatherings although they must be maintained at a level that is not disturbing to the neighboring sites. A gathering of 6 people or more must register at the office to discuss your plans. The pavilion is available to those who reserve the dates. Assistance with the facilities, grills, food or planning activities can be discussed at the Office. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions etc. One call does it all!


Please respect your neighbors by keeping conversation, radio, television, and musical instrument volume to a minimum. Please make sure your animals are quiet and ALWAYS tied up when outside. The running of generators is not permitted. Please do not walk through another campsite.

Speed Limit 5 MPH

A maximum speed of 5 miles per hour throughout the campground will be tolerated, including all vehicles, golf carts, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or any other wheeled method of transportation. Safety is our #1 concern. We have many kids playing in our park. None to spare! Thanks for your consideration. If you are asked twice to slow down you may not be allowed to park in the park but in the visitor parking and walk in.

Swimming Pool (Heated Memorial to Labor Day)

NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY - Pool hours are 8:00 a.m. to dusk. All swimming is at your own risk. Please provide your own life jackets. Swimming is not permitted during thunderstorms. No children under 12 years old shall be allowed to use the pool unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pool parties are not allowed unless arrangements have been made at the office. Babies / Toddlers must use swim pants in the pool. Diapers are not allowed in the pool area. Glass bottles, glass cups or any glass containers or dishes are strictly prohibited in pool area. It's a safety issue. No food shall be allowed in the swimming pool itself. Floats, rafts or inflatable toys are allowed in the pool as long as it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of others. Please do not hang on to the rope. If it breaks (by law) we need to shut the pool down until it is replaced.

Bicycles / Skateboards

Helmets and safety equipment required for children to age 16. State law. No riding after dark. Must use caution, especially when people are walking. No jumping or trick riding. No skateboards in any building or pool area. Maine law requires that all children under the age of 16 years must wear safety equipment to include a helmet. Please take all actions necessary to minimize the potential for injury and make your camping experience as safe as possible.

Campfires / Firewood

We promote the use and enjoyment of campfires. With guidelines: Must be contained in the fire ring. Maximum 3 feet high. NO bonfires. No burning of trash or pallets with nails. We clean fire pits. Broken glass, nails, debris, etc will result in an additional fee. No fires shall be left unattended and must be extinguished before retiring or leaving the site. Have a hose or fire suppression equipment available and handy. Safety first! Firewood available at the Office / Store. We deliver! No cutting of firewood is permitted in the campground or abutting properties. No firewood from out of State. It's the law! Prevent the possible spread of disease or infestations. Buy wood where you camp.

Quiet Hours 10 pm to 8 am

Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers so please refrain from loud noises and disturbances during this period. All stereos, radios, TV, instruments or other noise-making devices must be turned off during this time and voices kept to a whisper. You are more than welcome to still enjoy your campfire at quiet time, however please remember voices carry especially at night. We do take complaints of noise seriously and if we have to ask you to quiet down twice you will be asked to go inside.

Restrooms & Laundry

We appreciate the many compliments we get on our clean restrooms and laundry facility. Dish washing is prohibited in the restrooms for sanitary reasons. Please use the outdoor kamp kitchen located on the side of the back resthouse. Quarters for laundry machines are available at the front office. We strive to keep these areas clean. If they need attention between our cleanings PLEASE let us know so we can take immediate action to rectify the situation. Thanks.

Drugs, Paraphernalia, Illegal activity

The use or sale of any type of drug is strictly prohibited. Illegal activities are not tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and removal of your personal effects and we will notify the authorities.

Firearms / Fireworks

The use, display and possession of firearms, air arms, paint ball guns, fireworks, explosives or any type of weapon is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and removal of your personal effects and we will notify the authorities.

Golf Carts

Golf carts may only be used by our seasonal guests.


The use of any equipment or facilities of the campground by any person is at that person's risk. The registered Camper agrees to indemnify and hold the campground owners harmless from any loss, cost, or damage incurred by it as a result of the activities of the registered Camper, his family members, invitees and guests.

Personal Property

All personal property brought into the campground is at the Registered Camper's risk and campground management shall bear no responsibility for the damage, loss or theft of such property. All campers assume the responsibility of maintaining proper insurance on their camper & personal property. We are not responsible for any damage to any camper or personal property for any reason including an act of God (i.e. wind, lightning, hail, fallen branches, trees, etc.) accident, fire or vandalism.

Pets / Pet Policy

Pets are welcome but are required to be leashed at all times. Maximum two pets per site. All pets must be have current Rabies shots and required licenses. Visitors may NOT bring their pets. Pet waste must be picked up immediately. A $20 fee will be imposed to pick up your pet's waste. Second offense, eviction. Pet owners have a high level of responsibility - and we take it seriously. No pets are allowed in the Pool area, Store or Pavilion or any playground area or to roam around freely at ANY time, except when in the dog park. Pets are not to be left unattended anytime.

Recycle / Trash

Cameras monitor the disposal of trash by campers. DO NOT BRING TRASH FROM HOME. Trash and Recycle Dumpsters are located at the exit. Household trash only generated here while you camp. The money raised from the recycled items goes straight back to the craft program.

Deposits / Payments / Refunds

Deposits are due at the time of reservation to lock in the date and / or site type.
Refunds are subject to a $10 cancellation fee per KOA's National Policy.
Notice deadlines: 48 hours for site rentals, 7 days for Cabins or Rental Units.
10% KOA Value Kard Rewards discount is available to all Value Kard holders. Call for info.
Monthly sites require a one month reservation deposit fee and a one month cancellation notice. Cancellations made with at least a one month notice are subject to a penalty equal to 50% of the monthly deposit fee.
Please contact the property for cancellations or to make any changes to your reservation. There are no refunds on or after the date of check-in, for any reason.
For seasonal campers, all fees are due and payable per terms of Rental Agreement.
Late payments will apply.
For Holidays and special event weekends there is a "no refund" policy.
Please check with campground for more information.

Meet Your Hosts

"Not all who wander are lost"

Chris and Lauren have owned the park since 2013 (it was recently converted to a KOA in 2016.) 
Chris and Lauren try to go 'the extra mile' for their guests. They deliver pizza and wood to your site, Chris will help you if you need assistance on set up, they escort you to your site and have great recommendations of day trips and dinner options.
Chris and Lauren and their staff are looking forward to welcoming you to Bangor Holden KOA. Come as strangers, leave as friends>

Oh My, There's Nothing Here!

That doesn't mean this area has to always be empty. When you start reviewing camping options, your history will display here to help compare sites and find the best stay. You will be able to share your stay information with friends or family and save it for a later time if you have a Account.