Badlands / White River KOA General Information

THE Oasis in the Badlands: Pool, Shade, On-site breakfast and dinner, campstore, gift shop.

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General Campground Information

Store Hours

Opens 7 AM all season long. 
Closing time varies by season
  • Closes 9 PM seven days a week Memorial Day weekend thru late August.
  • Closes 8 PM early season until Memorial Day weekend, and late August thru Labor Day.
  • Closes 7 PM after Labor Day


We want you, our guests, to have a GREAT camping experience! Relax, have fun, stay safe, and enjoy camping at its best. Check in time is after 1:00 PM, Mountain Time, without additional charge. Check out time is 11:00 AM, Mountain Time, without additional charge. Be sure to note we are in Mountain Time Zone. Rigs on sites past check-out time will be charged $10 for late check out. If a rig is on site after 1 PM, it is subject to another night site fee.
RV sites accommodate one RV and one vehicle. $5 charge for extra vehicles. Additional parking is very limited. Be sure to let us know if you have a car with you, or you are towing something so we can have a site long enough to accommodate you. Note: if you have a 5th wheel and you say you have a motorhome, or if you say motorhome and you have a car or are towing something, your site might be shorter than is convenient, and your truck will have to be parked off your campsite. 

We would like to accommodate you when traveling with others and wish to be near one another, or if you have special requests for certain sites or amenities. We are usually able to get these for you. Please let us know in the 'notes' section of the reservation. There is a $10/site fee to accommodate the special requests.

$5.50 charge per pet in cabins. Some cabins are pet-free. Please be sure you reserve a pet friendly cabin if you will be bringing pets.


Pool hours: 10 AM to half hour before store closes. No lifeguard on duty: swim at your own risk. Anyone under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area. Open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Mini golf and fun bikes can be rented at the store. Please note the store hours, and rent at least a half hour before store closing or before dark, which ever is earlier.

Balls and sports equipment are available to borrow at the store. No charge for these. Please return them when you are finished playing.

Playground is open from 7 AM until dusk. Please no pets and no smoking in the playground. Thanks.

Hiking and biking trail around campground levee. More opportunities are available on Riverview Road, across Highway 44 from the campground, and in Badlands National Park. See park rangers at Badlands National Park for status of their trails.

Check-in and Check-out Times

You can check in as early as 1 PM without additional charges or delay. Check out is by 11 AM.

There is a $5/site charge for check in before 1 PM. and $10/site before 11, if it is available,  Call us if you are interested in checking in early. 605.433.5337, because the site you have reserved may not be available before 1 PM; there is no guarantee before 11 AM, but call that morning if this is important.  The site may have vacated early and we can get it ready for you right away.

Sometimes special arrangements can be made to stay later, for $10 additional charge until 1 PM, some later time would be on a case-by-case basis, and the charge would be more. This may not be available, so check with the registration desk first thing in the morning if you desire to stay late.

Campfires and Firewood Policy

We have firewood for sale at the camp store for $7.00 per bundle unless there is a weather-related burn ban. It is against South Dakota law to bring firewood from off site, to avoid the transportation of pests and tree disease.  It is also against campground policy to collect firewood within the campground.

NEVER leave a campfire unattended. We also sell fire starters in the camp store because the use of gasoline or other liquid accelerants is prohibited at our KOA. Before leaving your campsite or retiring for the evening, put it out with water using the buckets at the water faucets in the tent area. If a fire is unattended, the staff will extinguish it immediately.

The fire pit is not for trash: don't burn trash or use the fire pit as a dump. Leaving trash in the fire pit will result in additional cleaning fee. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campground and campers safe.

Swimming Pool

Pool is unattended. It will be open by Memorial Day weekend, but perhaps earlier. And will close for the season sometime after Labor Day. Call us for shoulder season availability.
Pool is open from 10 AM until thirty minutes before the store closes each evening.
Guests under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.  This does not imply someone 14 or over can accompany those under 14. It means a responsible ADULT.
Pool opening may be delayed if chemical treatment takes longer than usual, such as after days of extremely heavy use or if we have a problem with pool equipment.
Pool will be closed immediately if thunderstorms are in the area.  Be patient with us, safety is paramount.
No diving from the sides into the pool.
We have a fiberglass pool. The surfaces can be very slick. ALWAYS USE HANDRAILS WHEN ENTERING OR EXITING VIA THE STAIRS.


Our new WiFi supported by fiber-optic service is blazing fast, and available all around the campground. One hour free for all devices. See office for rates for additional time on specific devices.

Night Registration

The office closes in the evening. If you arrive after the office has closed, find the self-check-in counter to the left of the front door. If you have a reservation, there will be a map/packet for you, showing how to find your site. Please stop into the office in the morning to make sure we have all the information we need for your registration. 

If you DO NOT have a reservation and you arrive after the office is closed, find the self check-in counter to the left of the door. There will be maps showing which sites are available, by type (Full Hookup RV, Tent, Tent Electric, Water/Power only RV). No lodging accommodations are available after hours without a reservation. Fill out the "night registration" envelope . Include your payment and deposit it into the mail slot, and take the laminated map showing how to find the open site with you. Return the laminated map to the store in the morning. The clerk will have your receipt ready for you, along with any change due for overpayment in cash.

Visitor Policy

Fees and license plate information apply to all persons staying, visiting or "just having a look" at the campground.  This is for everyone's safety and security.
We do everything we possibly can to control access to our park to help protect your belongings and our facility.

Quiet Hours

You're an early riser, your neighbor is a night owl.  Or the other way around.  Let's all agree to keep it quiet between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM. Please be especially careful if arriving late or leaving early.

Please to not idle your vehicle in the early hours for excessive amounts of time, or rev the engine.

If you arrive late, try to shut down your vehicle and generator as soon as you arrive at your campsite.

You are welcome to enjoy your campfire after 10:00 PM, but noise cannot carry outside your campsite.
Loud music any time of day is not appropriate and is not allowed in this campground.
Please, respect your neighbors and the quiet sanctity of a beautiful experiences at Badlands/White River KOA

Trash Disposal

We work very hard to keep the campground impeccably clean. Please do your part to keep your site clean and orderly. 
Badlands/White River KOA runs our own recycling program, hauling recycled materials 75 miles to an approved site in Rapid City weekly, at our own cost.
Secured trash bags left at rear of your site by 9:00 AM will be picked up by Guest Services employees of Badlands/White River KOA.
You can help us recycle by putting glass, plastic and metals in a separate bag from your trash. We will pick it up and place it in our recycle collection area.
DO NOT LEAVE TRASH BAGS OUT OVERNIGHT: the critters might get it.
Guests are encouraged to deposit bagged trash in the dumpsters, and recyclables in the bins. These are located behind the central bath house, and near the exit across from the pavilion.


There are three restroom facilities at Badlands/White River KOA, in the main A-Frame building, in the Central Bath/Laundry building and in the new East Bath/Laundry which has ADA Family Style bathroom/Laundry in the tent area. 
Our Housekeeping and Guest Services staff work hard to keep our restrooms clean. Busy times are morning and evening. Please help us out by letting a staff member know if the bathrooms needs attention. Heavy use can sometimes lead to surprises quickly and we want your experience to be a positive one.
Dish washing is strictly prohibited in the restrooms for sanitary reasons, outdoor dishwashing sinks are available at each bathhouse area.


Laundry facilities are located in three areas of the campground: at the main A-Frame building where the office is located, at the Cental Bath building and at the new East Bathhouse located in the tent area.
Washers cost $2.75 per load, dryers are $1.00 for 20 minutes, and use quarters. Quarters are available at the main office when we are open. Laundry soap, bleach and dryer sheets are also sold in the main store.
Laundry facilities are open 24 hours a day.  We want your KOA experience to be a GREAT one, please let us know if these public areas need our attention or if you have a problem with the machines.

Cellular Service

The campground is located well below the horizon from the nearest cell phone tower. Cell phone service is hit and miss on the campground property. You may find small pockets of Verizon service, but it can be intermittent and unreliable, especially when the campground is full of people. AT&T has more pockets of service, but is still spotty. There is an AT&T booster on the main office building adjacent to the swimming pool, so it is somewhat more likely in these areas.  Texting and some voice calls are possible, but data transmission is virtually non-existent. Two miles in either direction (uphill) from the campground will provide an ample signal for both voice and data. Our new high speed WiFi supported by fiber-optic service to the campground can host calls over WiFi with ease.

Meet Your Hosts

Bob and Karen Brown

"Life is for living. Get out and enjoy it"

Bob and Karen purchased Badlands-White River KOA in October of 2014 and added two new deluxe cabins and two patio sites, a great big pavilion, and some tipis. Karen spent 20 years as a college Math and Earth Science instructor, Bob worked all over the world in the drilling industry. Both are avid adventurers and active motorcyclists.  They love the world of travel and RVs and currently live full time in an RV. Their goal is to make your stay at Badlands-White River KOA a great one... full of relaxation and great memories.

Oh My, There's Nothing Here!

That doesn't mean this area has to always be empty. When you start reviewing camping options, your history will display here to help compare sites and find the best stay. You will be able to share your stay information with friends or family and save it for a later time if you have a Account.