The Best Hiking and Biking Trails in Austin

The Best Hiking and Biking Trails in Austin

Austin is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. A place where you can traverse numerous nature trails or explore and bask in the cityscape views on foot. Whether you are an avid hiker or biker with all the gear or prefer strolls and simple cycles, Austin has the best trails to unwind, relax and explore the great outdoors.

Add these hiking and bike trails to your list of places to explore to see the best of Austin. Check out the section just for pet-friendly trails, too! 

Best Hiking Trails in Austin, TX

Whether you love a challenging walk or a leisurely wander through the city or nature trails, this city has hiking trails for you. Here are some of the best hiking trails that Austin has to offer.

1. Mayfield Nature Preserve

If you want a leisurely walking trail, Mayfield Nature Preserve is the best. Imagine peacocks parading as you set off from the quaint cottage to explore 24 acres of land. Wander to a pier overlooking Lake Austen, explore the shaded cover of trees and slow down to take it all in.

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail

The famous Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail in Austin is a local favorite. Hike along footpaths that take you past the creek. Choose between seven access points that cater to every type of hiker. Whether you prefer high climbs, rocky and lengthy trails or more moderate meanders, this area has the perfect path for you.

3. McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park has some of the best trails in Austin. Routes include a 9-mile moderate hike and a semi-paved 22.8-mile meander, offering scenic footpaths at the level of difficulty you prefer. Hike to the upper or lower falls, dip your toes into the natural pools or take in the views that Texas' State Parks are known for.

4. Ann and Roy Butler Trail

Some hiking trails are off forlorn footpaths. Sometimes the best hiking trails showcase magical cityscapes. The Ann and Roy Butler Trail is famous for exactly that. Loop around Lady Bird Lake and view the bustling activity in Zilker Park and Auditorium Shores. The leisurely 10.5-mile circular trail is ideal for taking in the Austin cityscape.

Best Biking Trails in Austin

Whether you have the complete kit — cleats, hydration packs and streamlined cycle shorts — or like to bike for the pure joy of it, Austin has ideal trails for you. Here are a few of the best biking trails in the area.

1. Veloway Bike Trail

Veloway is the ideal bike trail in the Circle C Ranch area for a leisurely cycle. Take in the natural terrain as you bike along the 3-mile path that many local cycling enthusiasts favor.

2. Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail

Bask in the sun as you cycle through the Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail. Enjoy this bike trail at your leisure or pick up speed in areas free of pedestrians. This trail has a rule that bikers cycle clockwise and hikers counterclockwise, making exploring the course simple. 

3. Goodwater Loop

Goodwater Loop is the best bike trail for a moderate to vigorous ride. Situated in the far north of Austin, this biking adventure takes you along a 28-mile rugged dirt path enveloped by nature. Stop at fishing or swimming spots to enjoy the picturesque views. 

4. Brushy Creek Regional Trail

Add a leisurely cycle on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail to your Austin bike trail bucket list. The 6.75-mile concrete and stone trail has several picnic tables with gorgeous sights — making this a fantastic place for the whole family.   

Pet-Friendly Trails in Austin

If nature, hiking adventures and biking experiences wouldn't be the same for you without your furry friend, Austin has you covered. Bring your pet along when you traverse these trails.

1. Bull Creek District Park 

Bull Creek District Park is perfect for trail enthusiasts, including those with tails! Enjoy 32 miles of natural trails, including a walkable river. This park welcomes pet parents who want to bring their leashed dogs along as they hike. 

2. Onion Creek District Park

Voted as one of the best pet-friendly trails in Austin, Onion Creek District Park offers pets a vast expanse to run, play and explore. With multiple trails to choose from and creek views to take in, you and your four-legged friend can enjoy your next adventure side by side.

3. Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Take in the magnificent views of Lake Austin at the Emma Long Metropolitan Park. The trail is known for its famous water crossings, friendly passersby and lush vegetation. With so much beauty and adventure, it is one of the favored spots for hikers looking for pet-friendly experiences. 

4. Mount Bonnell

One of Austin's best spots to soak in the view of Lake Austin and the urban skyline is Mount Bonnell, and you can bring your dog along! Hike up the Covert Park Trail with your leashed pet and enjoy the unique vantage point. Remember your camera to capture keepsakes that last long after your stay in Austin ends.

Plan Your Next Hiking and Biking Adventure 

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