Asheville Foodies Guide

Asheville Foodies Guide

One of the best things about traveling to new places is the chance to try new restaurants. If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, you must try the diverse food in Asheville, North Carolina. The many eateries in the area will help you expand your palate and discover your new favorite foods.

Where to Eat in Asheville

Here are some of the best places and restaurants to eat at in Asheville.

Avenue M

When you want to indulge in comfort food and a nice glass of wine, visit Avenue M. The restaurant offers unique and upscale twists on classic comfort food and creates seasonal dishes using local ingredients. Adults can also get a glass of wine from the restaurant's vast collection to elevate their dining experience.

Rosetta's Kitchen and the Buchi Bar

Try classic soul food with a vegan twist at Rosetta's Kitchen and the Buchi Bar. Rosetta's Kitchen is a plant-based and vegan restaurant serving delicious meals at an affordable price. You will have various options for snacks, sandwiches, soups, salads and entrees. The restaurant is on the building's second level, while the Buchi Bar is on the first floor. 

At the Buchi Bar, enjoy a nice meal from Rosetta's while having a drink. Try various kombucha, cocktails, beers and other beverages.

Cucina 24

Enjoy farm-to-table Italian food at Cucina 24 in downtown Asheville. The restaurant uses as much fresh and local produce as possible, helping guests experience unique dishes every time they visit. Using local produce extends to the drinks you can get at the bar, with some incorporating farm-fresh herbs or having edible flowers as garnishes. 


Rhubarb, the plant, is delicious, but so is the food at the restaurant with the same name. At Rhubarb in Asheville, you and your friends or family will enjoy eating in a relaxed and comfortable setting with vibrant, fresh, farm-to-table meals and drinks.

Baby Bull

Venture to Baby Bull when you want a nice burger and fries. The restaurant is a classic and casual burger shop that serves indulgent burgers, lobster rolls and pork sandwiches. You could also get cold beers, wines and milkshakes. The laid-back spot is one you want to take advantage of.

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