Hiking in Angola, Indiana

Hiking in Angola, Indiana

Although it is sometimes necessary and convenient to gather in large city centers, many of us still crave the wide-open spaces of nature — and what better way to experience that than to go on an idyllic hike? If you are looking for hiking trails in Angola, Indiana, here are several fantastic trails for you to explore in the area.

Pokagon State Park

Pokagon State Park is located along Lake James. It is Indiana's fifth state park and is named after the 19th-century Potawatomi Chief, Leopold Pokagon.

  • Hell's Point Challenge: This 8-mile trail is of moderate to rugged difficulty, so plan for an all-day affair and bring plenty of provisions to get you through it. The Hell's Point Challenge takes approximately four to six hours to complete, but you may want to give yourself more time if you take your family along with you. If you hike the trail on your own, make sure you tell someone before you go, as cell service is spotty in some areas of the trail
  • Pokagon State Park Trail 1-9: Understandably, not everyone envisions an ambitious challenge when they consider going on a hike. Fortunately, there are plenty of less demanding trails scattered through Pokagon State Park, many of which intersect with Hell's Point Challenge. These nine trails vary from easy to rugged and are between 0.7 miles and 2.2 miles long.
  • Pokagon State Trail Loops: If you don't feel up to the rigor of Hell's Point Challenge but want something a little more interesting than the individual Pokagon trails, you can loop some of those trails together for a more exciting experience. 
  • Pokagon Bike Trail: For those who prefer to explore on two wheels, there is also a 1.6-mile bike trail through the park that connects with the Pokagon Nature Center and other facilities in Pokagon State Park. Don't own a bike? Feel free to walk the trail or rent a bike

As an added perk of completing the Hell's Point Challenge, you can receive a free water bottle and sticker as a prize. Just visit the Pokagon Nature Center where the trail begins and ends and show them pictures of the six different waypoints along the trail.

The entrance fee for any Indiana state park is $7 per day for in-state vehicles and $9 per day for out-of-state vehicles. Thus, you will need to pay that fee before you enter and hike in Pokagon State Park. However, since state park entry fees are calculated on a per-vehicle-basis, there is no entry fee if you bike or walk to the park. 

Trine State Recreation Area

Adjacent to Pokagon State Park is the Trine State Recreation Area (SRA). This area was established in 2013 and updated from an old church camp to include various hiking trails, a welcome center, a boat rental dock and a fishing pier. Two notable trails at Trine SRA include:

  • Rolling Oaks Trail: The Rolling Oaks Trail spans 2.5 miles of moderate hiking difficulty, winding through wetlands and woodlands. The trail is open to hikers and mountain bikers alike, as its tight turns give cyclists a riveting challenge while its idyllic scenery offers hikers a sense of the sublime. 
  • Gentian Lake Trail: A short trail of only 0.25 miles long, the Gentian Lake Trail is still considered a moderate challenge. It runs from Swenson Lodge, a conference center, to the shore of Gentian Lake. If you're looking for a scenic route to Gentian Lake, this trail is it!

Wing Haven Nature Preserve

The Wing Haven Nature Preserve consists of three separate sections that form a state-dedicated effort to preserve several of the Seven Sisters lakes in the area. Within one of those sections is a 1.9-mile trail alongside some of those kettle lakes formed from retreating glaciers. The trail takes you through undulating meadows and wooded areas of hickory, oak and red maple. 

McClue Nature Preserve

Various trails wind throughout the McClue Nature Preserve, which features an old-growth forest of red and white oaks, rolling hills, luscious wetlands and a rich display of spring wildflowers. 

Angola Trail

Within Angola itself lies a 5.5-mile trail fit for walking and biking. The path meanders through the heart of the city, so if you are undecided between checking out the local town life or spending some time in nature, the Angola Trail could provide a happy medium for you!

Fort Wayne Trails

If you want to take a trip down to the city, Fort Wayne is home to a variety of trails in and around the city, including:

  • Pufferbelly Trail: This trail is currently 7 miles long but will eventually extend another 13 miles to connect with the Rivergreenway trail in downtown Fort Wayne. It is part of an Indiana State Visionary Trail called Upstate Indiana Trail that will eventually span 88 miles and begin at Pokagon State Park
  • Rivergreenway Trail: The Rivergreenway Trail is a paved, 25-mile trail. It cuts through a linear park from Fort Wayne to New Haven and runs along the banks of the Maumee, St. John and St. Marys rivers. It is more suited to biking, but you can easily walk alongside it too. 
  • Wabash & Erie Canal Towpath Trail: The Towpath Trail is 5.5 miles long and weaves through picturesque fens and marshlands, friendly neighborhoods and commercial areas to give you a digestible taste of Fort Wayne.

Hike Indiana's Trails by Day and Camp by Night at Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday!

With so many trails to explore, you will need a basecamp where you can refresh and get a good night's rest after a long day of hiking. Situated just west of Angola, our campground at Angola/Hogback Lake KOA Holiday is a great place to set up your basecamp as you explore the various hiking trails in Angola, Indiana, and the surrounding area! 

With our recreation options and events suitable for the whole family, you can depend on a fun, safe and classic camping experience when you bring your family to Angola/Hogback Lake KOA. Call us for more information about what Angola, Indiana, has to offer or book a campsite online!

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