Anderson / Lake Hartwell KOA Holiday Campground Map

Camping Cabins and Deluxe Camping Cabins

On the map, the buildings whose site numbers start with the letter 'K' are camping cabins. Camping cabins do not have full bathrooms, you cook outside (each has a charcoal grill), use our bathhouse (located at end of office/store) and bring your own sleeping gear. They are like a hard-sided tent except with solid walls, roof, locking door and ours have both AC and heat. 

K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, and K7 are one room camping cabins with a full size bed and a set of bunk beds so a maximum of 4 people can sleep in them. All have a swing on the covered porch as well as a fire pit. Some of these also may have a mini refrigerator and/or a cable TV. 

K6 is a two room camping cabin. The front room has a full size bed, a cable TV and a mini refrigerator. In the back room are two sets of bunk beds as well as a cable TV. This cabin will sleep a maximum of six people. 

K8 is the "Cuddle Cabin". It DOES have a toilet and sink but not shower. It will sleep only 2 on a full size bed. There is also a Keurig, a mini-fridge and a cable TV. An oversized deck has a bistro table, a gas grill and a couple chairs around the fire pit. 

K9 is near the tent area. It is the "Haunted Cabin" but don't worry, there are no ghosts or creepy voices. There are eating tables inside and out with a charcoal grill or fire pit to cook your hot dogs. 
Inside, on the ground floor, is a toilet and sink (no shower), an electric fireplace, a Keurig and a queen size bed. The loft has both a full sized and twin sized mattress on the floor. 

C01 is one of the Deluxe Camping Cabins. We call this the cottage. It is a log cabin and after crossing the large deck with the fancy dining table, go up three steps to the covered porch with a swing to enter the front room. Dead ahead is the kitchenette with an apartment size refrigerator, microwave, Keurig, griddle and all the utensils, plates and cups or glasses you'll need. A futon is on the opposite side of the room and it will fold down to make a full size bed. Sit on it and watch the cable TV. 
Go through the door next to the fireplace to the bedroom with its full size bed. And finally, off of the bedroom is the bathroom with the sink, toilet and shower.
All you need to bring is your personal stuff. Linens and towels are provided. 

M01 is the other Deluxe Camping Cabin and we call it the park model. It has a wooden deck on one side with the picnic table and umbrella. On the other side is another wooden deck with a built-in fire pit. To enjoy the fire sit on the glider or on the swing. 
Climb the steps up to the covered porch where there are a couple more chairs to watch life go by. 
Enter the front door and, dead ahead, is the bunk bed with a single on top and a futon on the bottom. It opens to a full size bed or you sit there and watch the cable TV. 
A Queen size bed is behind the front door. At its footboard is a dining table and in the back corner is the small kitchen area. There is a mini refrigerator, Keurig, microwave and plates, glasses/cups and silverware as well as some grilling utensils (to use on the gas grill outside) and some microwave dishes. The bathroom with toilet and shower is in the back left corner of the cabin. 
Towels and bed linens come with this cabin too.

Long Term Monthly Sites

On the map, the yellow sites on the left side of Main Street are used primarily for monthly guests. All have full hookup (water, electric or sewer) as well as a cable TV hookup. 
On occasion we may use these for daily guests.

Some sites, indicated with a 50 near the site number, have a 50 and 30 amp hookup. 

A few monthly sites are back-ins on the right side of the campground. 

Our monthly sites are for 30 days; they do not go from arrival date to that same date the next month (I.e. arrive January 30, next rent due 30 days later on March 1).

Overnight or Short Term Sites

When looking at the site map the area to the right of Main Street (numbers 2 to 46) are the short stay sites. All sites have cable TV

The red sites are water and electric only. One of them (site 8) is for 50 amp rigs (two AC units or a heat pump). 

The yellow sites are full hookup (water, electric and sewer). Those sites that have a 50 listed have 50/30 amp electric for those rigs that have 2 AC units or a heat pump. During the summer months we will not put a 50 amp rig on a 30 amp site. 

The sites that have a STAR are KOA Patio sites. Ours have a deck of either wooden or paver block material, a fancy table with an umbrella (summer months), a switchable light on a post, either a swing or a glider, and a gas grill. Lucky site 13 has 30 amp only while the others have 50 and 30 amps. 

All are extra roomy in width and length. 

If you've someone who wants to stay in a cabin they are not far away.

Tent Sites

We have NO access to Lake Hartwell. 

Our tent sites are in the lower left corner of the site map and are far away from the state highway along the west edge of the campground so they don't hear road noise. Look for the letter T before the site number. 

The enhanced tent sites (look for the star) have a defined pad, either 16x16 or 12x12. They also have umbrellas in the picnic tables (summer months) and a switchable light. They are the biggest tent sites. 

The other tent sites have a grass or pine needle pad on which the tent is set up. 

All tent sites have a fire pit, charcoal grill and electric receptacle and water as well as picnic table. 

On the pavilion near the tent area is a sink and toilet so you don't have to walk up to the office/store A-frame to go potty in the middle of the night. However, you will have to head up to the restrooms in the A-frame to shower. 

All tent sites have water and and electricity.