General Campground Information

Lake Hartwell Information

Please note: our campground is NOT ON Lake Hartwell.  We have NO ACCESS to the lake.  There is a private boat launch just 6 blocks from the campground (which we recommend using as it has security) and there are three US Army Corp of Engineers boat launches (one with a swimming area) withing 4 miles of the campground.

During the summer months our SWIMMING POOL is open.


It's guestimated that the best time to leaf peep in the Upcountry will be between October 3rd to October 24.Enjoy a hike to see not only beautiful colored leaves but also waterfalls! Check out Issaqueena Falls at the Stumphouse Tunnel Park in Walhalla. This is a great beginner's hike for the whole family, as it's just 10 minutes to the base of the falls.
An easy 30-minute hike will take you through some great leaf-peeping at Station Cove Falls at the Oconee State Historic Site. This stepped 60-foot waterfall is about 1 mile from the Oconee Station Historic Site!
If you would rather drive, SC Hwy 11 is the road to take. Measuring 120 miles of beautiful scenery, it runs between Gaffney and Lake Hartwell. You can start at any point along SC Highway 11 and enjoy the colorful views on your journey.

Store Hours

During the summer months, our store is generally open from 8 am - 10 am and 4 pm - 7 pm. Between those hours, we are usually moving around the campground doing chores - cleaning the restrooms, cabins, or sites or perhaps working on a project. The office door will have a sign on it telling you how to get ahold of us. On Sundays, we close at 1 pm for our staff to attend church and get much-needed rest. If you desire a reservation for Sunday, you need to call us before 1 pm or make your reservation online before noon so arrangements can be made.

Winter hours are similar to summer hours except we close at 6 pm Monday-Saturday.

Check In - RV and Tent Sites

Check-in for RV and tent sites is noon or later. Check-out is at 11 am. If you have a reservation but arrive when the office is closed, a site map with your name on it will be taped to the office door directing you to your site. Look for the reflective, yellow street signs to get your bearings. Please stop at the office the next morning to register.

Check In - Cabins

Check in for camping cabins and deluxe camping cabins is 1pm or later. Check out is 11am. If you have a reservation but arrive when the office is closed, a site map with your name on it will be taped to the office door directing you to your site. Look for the reflective, yellow street signs to get your bearings. Please stop at the office the next morning to register.

Cabin reservations which include a Friday or Saturday night have a two night minimum (i.e. Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday). Reservations for Sunday through Thursday may be just for one night. Reservations on holiday/special event dates always have a two night minimum. The deposit is for the entire stay for all cabin reservations.

Quiet Time

We all appreciate a good nights sleep.  Our quiet hours are 10pm to 8am.  Nightly night!


The movement of firewood and the presence of important host trees make campgrounds and parks high-risk areas for invasive species introduction. Many invasive forest pests, like emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, and oak splendor beetle, can hitch a ride on firewood. While adult beetles may be hiding in the bundle, the larvae and pupae still maturing inside the wood are even more difficult to spot. To avoid potential pest introductions, leave the firewood at home when you travel. 

We do sell firewood that meets our requirements. It is available from our General Store as well as fire starter. Thanks for your cooperation with this problem.

PS. Do NOT pull wood from the forest surrounding the campground. Since it is private property, you would be trespassing.


You are welcome to have visitors. However, they must follow some rules for the safety of our guests, our campground, and us. All visitors must register at the office before entering the campground so we can direct them to your site. Only one vehicle is permitted at each site; visitors must park in our visitor parking area and walk in. Visiting hours are from 8 am to 10 pm; all visitors must leave by the start of quiet time so that we can all get a good night's sleep. Finally, our swimming pool is for the use of OUR guests, not yours. However, if they would like to swim, they must first pay the visitor swim fee and, like you, abide by the swimming pool rules.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is open from late May to early September. It is available for use by OUR guests. If you have company visiting the campground they may use the pool only after paying a use fee at the office. Thanks for your cooperation.

Late Arrivals

If you anticipate arriving late or after our office has closed (6 pm during the winter months and 7 pm during the summer months) and you have a reservation, look on our glass office door for a site map with your name on it. It will direct you to your site as well as give you our cable TV listing and WiFi information. Find our yellow street signs and you shouldn't have any trouble finding your site. And if you do, call us.... up until 10 pm and we'll try to help you find your site.

If you do NOT have a reservation, not to worry. We have a night registration box with available sites for RVs and tents. (Cabins MUST have a reservation; empty cabins are not available in the night registration box.) If we do not have any sites available and you did not make a reservation, there will be a sign at the entrance which says "NO VACANCY" so you won't have to enter the campground and "get stuck."

A reservation is strongly encouraged for 50amp RVs as we are one of the few campgrounds in the area that have that service. Additionally, we are experiencing more guests and guests making reservations for longer stays for RV sites, another reason to "get your ducks in a row" and make a reservation to ensure you have a site. Call us at 864-287-3151 to make your reservation when our office is open. You can also make your reservation online at (look up Anderson SC) until 4 pm eastern time.

"I want a site ON the lake."

Sorry, but we cannot accommodate you with that as our campground is NEAR Lake Hartwell but we have NO LAKE ACCESS. It is forested and private land all around the campground.

Our "lake" is a rectangular, clear body of water called a swimming pool! Lol!  Open from late May until early September.