What about Lake Hartwell?

What about Lake Hartwell?

The campground has no access to Lake Hartwell.  We are located just 6 blocks to 2 miles away from public boat launches and a public recreation area.  The dam is about a 20 minute car drive away.

The Hartwell Dam and Lake were completed in 1962. The construction of the dam that created Lake Hartwell began in 1955. It took nearly 8 years. The project began as a way to control flooding of towns on the Savannah River and to create a hydropower station with the dam. Recreational activity on the lake was approved later.

The Savannah River project created a total of three dams for flood control and hydropower generation. Hartwell Dam and Lake are the first of the string with Richard B Russell Lake and Dam to the southeast followed by the J Strom Thurmond Lake and Dam near Augusta, Georgia.

The lake is named after Nancy Hart who bravely defended her family in the Revolutionary War. The most famous of the stories about Nancy Hart is set in the Revolutionary War. When her property was invaded by British soldiers, she tricked them into letting their guard down, stole their muskets, and held them at gunpoint until help arrived to remove them from her home.

The land around Lake Hartwell was once home to the Cherokee Indians. In fact, there is a particular spot near the lake that the Cherokees called “Ah-ye-li a-lo-hee” which means the center of the world. For the Cherokee Indians, this location was the hub of their community where they gathered for celebrations, tribal council, and met traders. It is also said that many of their trails originate from this location.

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