KOA Campgrounds in Arkansas

KOA Campgrounds in Arkansas

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Camping in Arkansas

From mysterious, subterranean caverns to the many rivers that flow through this state, you and your family will love exploring wonderous Arkansas. KOA's Arkansas campgrounds put you in the midst of everything there is to do and see in the Natural State, where nature is a way of life. The Ozarks, the lakes, the hot springs — all demand to be experienced through a camping excursion. So, be sure to pitch a tent or cruise your RV into a KOA campground.

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Popular Arkansas Attractions

  • Fishing
  • Mississippi River State Park
  • Civil War Sites
  • DeGray Lake
  • Petit Jean State Park
  • Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Find Your Arkansas Campground

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Find A Relaxing Campground With The Right Amenities For You

After a day of exploring all the natural wonders of Arkansas, you'll need a comfortable place to call it a night. KOA is delighted to provide guests with clean bathrooms with hot water, laundry facilities and even a KOA store for items you may have accidentally left at home.

Plus, if you and your family would like to relax at the campground for the day, there's plenty to do at KOA. Your kids can play while you sit back and unwind. Swimming pools, planned group activities, mini golf, paddle boats and more are just some of the offerings that may be available. Just call ahead to a specific location to find out what's there.

Choose From a Variety of Ways to Stay

Camping experiences are as varied as the people who enjoy this exciting outdoor activity. Some love a rugged camping trip while others prefer to have their creature comforts along for the ride. With KOA, we have a variety of ways to stay for every kind of camper:

  • Tent Camping: The original way to camp is sometimes the best. Tent Sites Tent Sites let you pitch your tent and build your campfire for a traditional camping experience.
  • Cabin Camping:: Sometimes it's nice to leave the tent and gear at home. KOA Camping Cabins give you the thrill of the outdoors while you still have a bed, a roof over your head and even electricity.
  • Deluxe Cabins: Amp up your vacation with a Deluxe Cabin. You will get your own private bathroom, as well as a few other add-ons that could include a kitchenette, fire pit, TV and more depending on the campground offerings.
  • RV Camping: If you're traversing Arkansas in your RV, then be sure to pull into a level, clean site at a local KOA. Our RV Sites are perfect for short stops or extended stays and include full-hookups and 30- and 50-amp service. Some even come with a KOA Patio®.
  • More Unique Lodging: Stray from the traditional with unique lodging options brought to you by KOA. Glamping Tents, yurts, treehouses, cabooses and more could be your shelter for the night. Call ahead to find out what's available at each location, as unique lodging options vary from campground to campground.

Arkansas Attractions the Whole Family Will Love

Have you ever wanted to dig for precious gems? Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only public diamond mine in the world, and you may be lucky enough to unearth hidden gems.

That's not the only hidden gem in Arkansas, though. The state is filled with exciting outdoor excursions. Buffalo National River runs emerald-green through the famed Ozarks. You could also explore the colorful caverns found in the state's hard bedrock foundation, such as the Mystic Caverns near Harrison or Blanchard Springs Caverns near Mountain View.

For a watery adventure, you won't want to miss the natural springs that bubble up from the earth. You can take a soak and relax at Hot Springs or Eureka Springs. All this and more are accessible from your KOA campground home base.

Reserve Your Arkansas KOA Campsite Now

Our conveniently located KOA campgrounds are your gateway to all there is to do and see throughout Arkansas. We invite you to plan your memorable vacation now by booking your stay at a KOA campground. You can make your reservation online or call us to find out more.

FAQs for Camping in Arkansas

Arkansas has all four seasons, making it a great state to visit year-round, depending on what activities you want to try. The best time to visit Arkansas is during the summer, from June to August, and the fall, from September to early November.

The summer months have warm weather, perfect for watersports and activities. During the fall, you can experience the beautiful leaves changing colors.

One of the best activities you can do in Arkansas is camping. The Natural State has diverse environmental features, from forests and parks to lakes and rivers, that visitors love exploring during their camping trips.

Year-round camping in Arkansas is possible as long as the weather during the winter months isn't too harsh. Many campgrounds and parks in the state have open campsites throughout the year. If you plan to camp in the winter, ensure you have enough supplies to stay warm.

You can camp for free in Arkansas. Many state and national parks provide campsites for people to enjoy during their trips. Many national forests and wilderness areas throughout the state allow dispersed camping as long as you are away from trailheads, campgrounds or picnic areas. You also must set up camp at least 100 feet away from any water source, such as streams or rivers.

When camping at a state park, you can only stay at your campsite for up to 14 days within a 30-day period.

The best campgrounds in Arkansas are the ones where you can fully relax and have fun after long days of adventure with your family. When you need to know where to camp in Arkansas, KOA is the perfect place to stay. KOA offers some of the best campgrounds throughout Arkansas.

Whether you stay for one night or several days, you will love each campground's amenities. You could camp in your RV or pitch your tent at a campsite. Several campgrounds also offer cabin camping, providing different lodging options for guests. KOA is here whenever you want to travel through Arkansas and have a comfortable place to stay.

The average cost to camp in Arkansas depends on where you're staying and your method of camping, such as staying in a tent, RV or cabin.

RV camping in Arkansas is a great way to hit the road while enjoying nature. How long you can stay at an RV park in the state depends on the park's regulations. Some RV parks may only allow week-long stays, while others offer extended stays.

The average cost of an RV campsite in Arkansas depends on where you stay and the hookups you want at your campsite. Staying at an RV park could range from $25 to $50 per night.

You and your family will have plenty of things to do while in Arkansas for vacation. Learn history while visiting historic sites and museums, or unwind with fun rides and activities. Popular attractions in Arkansas include:

  • Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site: Learn about the Civil Rights Movement and how the Little Rock Nine's brave actions paved the way for school integration when you visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site. Take a guided tour with a park ranger to hear the story of the events leading up to and during the school's desegregation.
  • Magic Springs Theme and Water Park: The whole family will love going on rides, playing games and splashing in the wave pool while at Magic Springs Theme and Water Park. The amusement and water park is an excellent place to visit during the day when you want to stay active and have fun.
  • Fort Smith National Historic Site: Discover what life was like at Fort Smith during its 79 years of operation in the 1800s. Fort Smith National Historic Site has various exhibits to show you what living on the frontier was like. You'll also learn more about Native American history and the Trail of Tears.
  • Compton Gardens & Arboretum: Unwind while strolling through the gardens at Compton Gardens & Arboretum. The gardens have beautiful flora and art installations scattered throughout. You could also visit the Neil Compton Exhibit Room, which lets you learn about Dr. Neil Compton's conservation efforts.

Outdoor activities in Arkansas are a popular pastime for residents and locals. The Natural State offers many fun and exciting opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Some of the top outdoor activities in Arkansas include:

  • Hunting and fishing: The abundant public lands, lakes, rivers and fishing holes across the state make hunting and fishing a tradition among locals and visitors. The state has seasons for various animals and fish, such as alligator, elk, quail, trout, bass and walleye.
  • Camping: Become one with nature while camping outdoors in national and state parks or at KOA Campgrounds.
  • Hiking: The vast trails in Arkansas make it an excellent place to go hiking. You'll see beautiful views whether you go for a short or long hike.
  • Swimming and kayaking: The state has plenty of places to swim and kayak. Visit some of the popular lakes and rivers to enjoy water activities.

There are seven national parks in Arkansas you can visit during your vacation. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Hot Springs National Park: Relax in natural thermal water when you visit Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. The park has bathhouses, gorgeous mountain views, lively creeks, outstanding geology and ancient thermal springs. While you cannot soak in the natural thermal springs, the bathhouses at the park provide an authentic experience.
  • Buffalo National River Park: Visit Buffalo National River Park to experience one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers in the contiguous United States. Paddle down the river, hike some trails or stay up late at night to stargaze.
  • Pea Ridge National Military Park: Learn about the lives lost during the Civil War while spending time at Pea Ridge National Military Park. The park's land was a battleground during the war. The battle was the most pivotal one west of the Mississippi River.
  • Arkansas Post National Memorial: The Arkansas Post National Memorial was and still is a gathering place for people. It used to be a trading post but became a battle area several times through different wars. Now, locals and visitors enjoy the park's beauty while spending time with their loved ones.

Arkansas has 52 state parks open to visitors year-round. Whether you want to watch wildlife or hike, you'll have plenty of parks to choose from. Some of the best state parks in Arkansas include:

  • Mammoth Spring State Park: See a national landmark during a trip to Mammoth Spring State Park. It is home to one of the largest springs in the world, having nine million gallons of water flowing into a 10-acre lake.
  • Mount Magazine State Park: Go on adventures at Mount Magazine State Park with your family. Hike the trails to the scenic overlooks to see Mount Magazine, the tallest mountain in Arkansas. The park also allows horseback riding, mountain biking and ATV riding.
  • Crater of Diamonds State Park: Search for real diamonds during a day at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. The park has 37 acres of eroded volcanic crater surface that visitors can search to find various gemstones, rocks and minerals.
  • Petit Jean State Park: Visit Arkansas's first state park when you stop by Petit Jean State Park. The park has hiking trails, playgrounds, pavilions, streams, waterfalls and a boat launch ramp. You and your family will have a blast spending the day at the park.

The best state park in Arkansas is Devil's Den State Park. Its 2,500 acres offers various activities, like hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking.

The most popular state park in Arkansas is Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

Consider Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area if you want to visit a beautiful, scenic state park in Arkansas.

Arkansas has some of the best food. Whether you venture into cities or small towns, you will find unbelievable dishes and treats.

Find a blend between fine dining and small mom-and-pop restaurants while in Little Rock. The city boasts various establishments that serve Southern comfort food, innovative drinks and contemporary favorites. You and your family will love trying all the different foods and beverages.

You can also indulge in a variety of cuisines while in Fort Smith. The city has restaurants with flavors and dishes from around the world, such as Nicaragua, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Peru and Italy. You can also get classic American food at many establishments.

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