KOA Care Camps Big Weekend

KOA Announces Care Camps Virtual Big Weekend May 8-10

Many KOA campgrounds and campers can’t experience the joy of spring camping and supporting KOA Care Camps this May due to restrictions on travel because of COVID-19.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun during the KOA Care Camps Virtual Big Weekend May 8-10. You’ll be able to enjoy special camping-related activities and online events from your own home, as you help send children battling cancer to one of 155 specialized summer camps.

For just a $10 donation to KOA Care Camps, your entire family will receive an All-Access Pass to the Care Camps Virtual Big Weekend.

There will be concerts, camp cooking lessons, art classes and plenty of games.

Events will start Friday, May 8 and continue through Sunday, May 10. Participants will be given access to all digital cases and activities, all designed to entertain, inspire and bring the joys of camping and being outdoors to your current “indoor” lifestyle. Your donation will help ensure KOA Care Camps throughout North America can continue their mission to provide a safe summer camping experience to children with cancer and their siblings.

Where regular leisure camping is still allowed, Participating KOA campgrounds will still be accepting Care Camps Big Weekend guests. Although guest are being welcomed where allowed, be aware that some campgrounds will have limited or reduced activities and amenities. Camper who do visit their favorite open KOA campgrounds during the May 8-10 weekend will also be given access to the Virtual Big Weekend events and activities.

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To find out more about KOA Care Camps, go to KOACareCamps.org.

While we know many can’t camp as usual right now, you can still go to KOA.com, check out our great locations, and dream about the day when you can get back outside and visit your favorite KOA campground.

KOA Care Camps Virtual Big Weekend

What are KOA Care Camps?

For more than 30 years, we've been raising funds to help send kids with cancer to KOA Care Camps across North America. Big Weekend helps 125+ specialized, medically-equipped facilities offer a true summer camp experience to kids currently undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer. KOA Campground Owners Association created KOA Care Camps Trust which distributes over $1 million annually to camps so these special kids can experience a fun place where they really fit in.

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Your $10 donation will help send one more child to camp.

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