Your $20 night* does so
much for kids with cancer

When: May 8 - May 9, 2020

What: Stay Friday night at a participating campground, and get Saturday night for just $20*.

Why: The Care Camps Big Weekend helps raise funds to send kids with cancer to medically-supervised camps all across North America. Kids fighting cancer deserve a chance to attend a summer camp and to just be a kid again. Funds raised from May 9 support the KOA Care Camps Trust which distributes more than $1 million dollars annually to support 125+ Care Camps each year. Learn more at

*At participating campgrounds. Promotion terms and conditions will apply.


In addition to the proceeds raised from your $20 night*, there will be many other opportunities to help Care Camps. From collection stations to special events, this weekend will bring your family together while helping kids with cancer to take a week to just be a kid.

Please donate online or send requests for additional information to:

KOA Care Camps Trust
2981 Ford St. Ext. PMB 179
Ogdensburg, NY 13669-3474

If you are a Canadian resident, please mail your check to:

KOA Care Camps Trust
c/o Cardinal KOA
609 Pittston Road
Cardinal, ON KOE 1E0

What are KOA Care Camps?

For more than 30 years, we've been raising funds to help send kids with cancer to KOA Care Camps across North America. Big Weekend helps 125+ specialized, medically-equipped facilities offer a true summer camp experience to kids currently undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer. KOA Campground Owners Association created KOA Care Camps Trust which distributes over $1 million annually to camps so these special kids can experience a fun place where they really fit in.

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Participating Campgrounds in the United States