Three-Seed Bread Rolls

Three-Seed Bread Rolls


  • 1  bag frozen bread rolls
  • 1/2  c  sunflower seeds
  • 4  Tbsp  poppy seeds
  • 4  Tbsp  sesame seeds
  • 1  egg


Sure, we could make bread dough from scratch. But why go to all that trouble when it's so much easier to thaw some frozen dough and get to the task of making these tasty three-seed rolls! Spray Dutch oven with cooking spray to prevent the rolls from sticking. Make sure the frozen bread dough is completely thawed. Dip one side of the dough ball into egg glaze, then sprinkle with poppy seeds. Dip a few rolls in sesame seeds, some in sunflower seeds, and leave some plain. Space the rolls evenly in the Dutch oven. Let rise until just about double and bake until golden brown. The time it takes to bake rolls over the fire is going to depend on several factors. Bake over a low fire with a good bed of coals. Hang on the middle hook for about 15-20 minutes (if it's windy, 20-25 minutes). Remove from heat, top with coals, and allow to finish baking off the fire to keep bottoms from burning. Best served with honey butter.

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