THE ultimate, simple dessert

THE ultimate, simple dessert

When we camp--for many meals we use tortillas in place of bread. We love our bread, but it can be so easily crushed, so for convenience we found that flour tortillas work very well for us! They are easy to store and can be used in so may different ways from sunrise to sunset. We use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as an hor d'oeuvres, as a snack and as a great little dessert.


  • 3  Large flour tortillas
  • 1  c  Granulated sugar
  • 1 - 2  Tbsp  Ground cinnamon


Take each large flour tortilla and cut in half; Then cut each half into narrow strips about 2 inches wide. Take each strip and fry them in a small amount of hot cooking oil until browned, turning once while frying. Into a plastic or paper bag, add half of cinnamon sugar mixture. Add a small handful of the fried tortilla strips to the bag and shake until coated. Add more sugar-cinnamon mixture to bag as needed. Place coated cinnamon-sugared strips in a baggie or airtight container until ready to serve. Kids and Grandkids love to help you make these, too! Absolutely y-u-m-m-y, quick and easy!

Cathy Girgen

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